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Барбикю🥩АмерикаGIANT BEEF RIBS and Brisket – AMERICAN FOOD BBQ at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, AZ!

GIANT BEEF RIBS and Brisket – AMERICAN FOOD BBQ at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, AZ!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA For me, one of the ultimate American food meals to eat is awesome BBQ – when the meat is smoked perfectly so it slides off the bone, and the flavor is packed full of insane smokiness. My brother in law Derek had already been to Little Miss BBQ, but it was my first time to eat here, and I was so excited. I arrived a little over an hour early to get in line, but luckily as soon as you pull up you get a number so that you don’t actually have to wait in line the entire time. Scott and the entire crew at Little Miss BBQ are amazing, and you can immediately feel their passion and their genuine love for what they do and for the people they get to interact with everyday as a result of serving the best BBQ in Phoenix! Scott and his wife have an interesting and amazing grassroots history and start to their BBQ business. They first started making BBQ at home just because they loved doing it. Eventually they started competing in American BBQ competitions. At the beginning things didn’t go so well, but they kept going and perfecting their BBQ recipes and eventually started to win some of the competitions. Eventually they opened Little Miss BBQ, and it’s one of the best BBQ spots you’ll ever eat at. So after getting the full tour of the restaurant and all the smoked meat, it was about time to open. You line up outside and the actual inside is quite small – most people either takeaway or eat outside. I wanted to try a little of everything, so we got a giant tray of smoked BBQ meat including pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey, sausage, brisket, and beef ribs, with sides. Total price for the entire tray came to $92.70 – that was a lot of meat! Thanks to my brother in law Derek for coming out to eat as well. We started with the beef ribs, and those are the best of the best. The meat falls apart and it was so insanely juicy and flavorful. The BBQ brisket will also blow you mind with its massive meaty flavor and juiciness. Finally my other top meat was the sausage, including jalapeno and a mix of meat and bacon. Lastly, you have to eat your American food bbq feast with their famous pecan pie. And even though I’m not into sweets, a few bites at the end was amazing. Little Miss BBQ is a phenomenal BBQ restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only will the quality and taste of the meat blow you away, but the passion of Scott and the entire crew are so genuine and so friendly, and that’s what makes it so good. Thank you for watching this BBQ video!
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Video Transcription

we always recommend about a half poundto three quarters a pound of meat perpersonper serving here’s the drumstick for youjust in case you actually doubtedwhether or not it was still tender andjuicyabsolutely delicious and phenomenal yeahthat’s phenomenal nothing else like itin phoenix[Music]hey everyone i hope you’re having anamazing day it’s mark wiens i’m inphoenix arizona i have avery special meal to share with you forlunch today it’s called little missbarbecue and they servethe top of the line barbecue in all ofphoenix arizona and i amthrilled to have a chance to eat heretoday they open at 11a.m and i got here it’s exactly let mejust check my phone toto confirm the exact time we got here itis 954. and actually like there are a fewcars in the parking lot nowbut it will get packed uh but actuallywe don’t even need to line upquite yet because as soon as you comehere they give you a ticketand so they start uh he told me thatthey start the tickets at 250.we got number 262 263 264 silver numbernumber 12 in lineoh that’s a brisket yeah that’s briskettoohi good good i’m scott mark mark nice tomeet you manmy dad give me the tour of the smokershere yes he was showing me aroundamazing i did that did i read these area thousand gallonyeah yeah wow yeah and it’s all it’s allindirect heat so there’s no heatunderneath the eggno he’s coming from over here okay so itcomes out over there and justflows across and then it just goes rightoff the exhaust so it’s pretty coolhow long do they smoke for uh they’reanywhere between like small ones likethis guy will take about eight hoursokay i figured one bigger one like thatwill take 10 to 14.okay so it just depends on the sizedepending on it depends on how marblethey areokay depends on how well we’ve beenrunning the fire that dayand the owners and every all the staffhere they’re extremely friendly reallyniceuh what’s really cool well okay i’mthey’re almost they almost look likesubmarines back here they’re so giantbut they’re thousand gallon propanetanks and it’s a it’s a full smokingsystem theythey put the wood here they burn thewood here and then the smoke justfilters into the propane tanks you cansmell just the cleansmoky aroma of that pecan and oakwoodmy my meat hunger hasis at an all-time high right now okay soright now it is 10 12. so there’s still45 minutes until it opens but it’sstarting to buzzuh scott was telling me that they’rethey’re gonna start taking off the meatnowpeople are starting to pull up the lineis starting to form it’s getting busieri’m over here at the sausage smoker nowlook how many sausages are in here theymake all their own sausagesand just the smoke pouring out this is asmoke saunamy eyes are just tearing up but thatsmoke even the most the smoke smellsincredibleoh wow that’s smokey doesn’t it yeahare they pork sausages uh pork and beefpork beef when you put a littlebacon in there just because bacon tastesgood rightit adds a little bit of fat to it tooyou can see these kettle bellsthey’re 35 pound kettlebells which arejust hanging butthe lids probably weigh about 70 poundsso just to offsetthe weight of the door so you’re notpulling those up every timeuh they have a whole kettle ball asneededthis just speeds up the cooking processa little bityeah everybody has all that smoky flavorthat it needsall right if not it’ll just dry up beefribsa lot quicker than uh briskets and stufflike that sookay how many pounds of meat do you guysdo per dayoh man let alone brisket we usually doum right nowwe’re kind of slowing down so it’saround 400 pounds of brisket just duringthe dayof only brisket yeah two weeks ago wewere probably ruining1400 pounds today this smoker going thisone full that was cold that was fulland that one over there about half fullevery dayit’s a lot of meat that is a lot of meatnow they are wrapping the brisket andthe brisket is one of their ultimatemeats yeah they’re wrapping it in paperit’s like wrapping a giftbut like one of the best gifts you couldpossibly ever get[Music]got a little taste test of the brisketand you can see thatfat in there you can see the oh that’sjust a beautiful coloroh wowoh that’s insane it’s not even the bestpart of the whole brisket right oh manbut it’s awesome it is good isn’t it ohso goodit’s so fatty it’s so moist[Music]waiting in line in phoenix and standingby those smokers you need toyou need to hydrate i’m gonna quicklyintroduce you to my brother-in-lawhey how’s it going everybody derek uhhe’s here to eat somebarbecue with us as well and what’s justmind-blowingthey go through they smoke 1400 poundsof meatper day and actually we’re in the lowseason now because we’re after theholiday seasonuh so they said maybe it’s about 900maybe a thousand pounds of meat todaythat’s a low day what’s going on guyssome house-made sausagemade with beef pork and jalapeno it’svery close to time they’re coming aroundwith sausage samples[Music]oh wow how’s that i didn’t i didn’tit lasted all of five seconds absolutelydeliciousoh you can taste the pepper in therethat’s just one of the reasons whyeveryone’s waiting in line and i want tobe one of the first to welcome you aloneagain all together now nice and loud somy co-workers in the brick building getherefive four threetwo one damn it open that carhey ladies and gentlemen we’re hopingfor business welcome to little messcome on in guys this spirit’s okay we’removing in[Applause][Music]the wigglesthat needs to be in slow motionfind out in a secondright herejust in case you want to take them to goand that’s a great ideaokay i think we’ve managed to cover itall so i’m going to read what i’ve gotokay so those beef ribs came in a 2.4because you got the two single sides andthe brisketweight worked out we’re making enoughbrisket plate that way it saves you alittle bit of moneyno problem man no problem i try where ican we got you 0.47 on the pork ribstoday 0.2on the pulled pork .23 on that turkeyright over herethe can of coke zero and the pecan pieuh 92-70 is gonna be the grand totalokay all rightthat’s point five one full of them thankyou very muchthat is this derrick sized platter ohyeah did you heareverything that we got he rattled offour entire order and the amountsthat we got that’s a lot of meattake the picture either food takes apicture all of the same thingsoh yeah there’s quite a linethis is when you tell them like i thinkyou guys are out of food sorryi think we ordered it i love the smellsthis platter of meat is giganticand absolutely insane we got a littlebit ofeverything so there’s at least fivedifferent types of meat but thecenterpiece we absolutely i think wehave to start with the centerpiece whichis the beef short ribs and they onlymake it friday and saturday so we cameon the right daythat we did and you’re wanting me tostart thisthis is just unbelievable oh goodnesshere’s ahere’s a drumstick for you[Music]there’s a perfect hand hold it’s it’slike it is like a drumstick just yeahit’sexcept it’s the size of your your calfyeah look at the juices like if youpress this down there’s okay there’s acrust of spice which is just caked ontothe meatbut then if you press down you canactually see the juices look at thatdude we can just press down can’t waitto tasteoh wow just in case you actually doubtedwhether or not it was still tender andjuicingjust look at it oh boycheersoh no oh no oh that iswell that is almost impossiblehow tender and juicy and fatty that is idon’t know if two is going to be enoughoh it just falls right off the boneno struggleabsolutely delicious and phenomenal yeahit’s unreal you can’t even believe itit’s so tenderit melts in your mouth it’s so juicyit’s one of the juiciest things youcould possibly bite down onand it literally just falls apart butthen you’ve got that crunchy crust withall of that spice on there you can tastethe pepper you can taste how it’s justsmoked caked on there this does not needany sauce because it’s justfully embedded into the smoke youactually have to be carefulyou got it you got to hold it upright soit has sitting on the bone or it willslidetinder[Music]oh wow ohthat was the juiciest bite yet that’scrazythat’s crazy good i don’t know why iwould ever order anything elsei really don’t i would be i wouldliterally be happy just with thethe beef ribs yeah and just i thinkthere’s still a whole lot more to gothat’s even better yeah unfortunatelyderek has to go back to work he onlycame during his lunch breaksbut thank you so much for for stoppingby for a few bites i appreciate it anddon’t worry johndon’t worry he’s not going to go hungrythough he’s got to take away he’s got totake away boxespecially with pecan pie that you guyswill hear about a little bit later yeahoh we got that to look forward too enjoythe time cool man thanks for stopping by[Music]the bone just fell out i’m very sad thati’m gonnahave to set these beef ribs down uh setthis giant bonebut the happy news is i’m moving on tothe brisket so brisket is what they aremost known for here and i’ve already hada couple of taste tests ofoh wow oh that justit’s it’s like one of the softest thingsyou’ll ever feeloh wow it’s so tender that it’s almostlikeit has some elasticity to it not in arubbery kind of way whatsoever but inthe mostjuicy kind of way you can possiblyimagine[Music]that’s absurdmelting in your mouth is anunderstatement i’m gonna chase that witha jalapenoyeah you need to take bites ofvegetable like that to offset therichness of that meat[Applause]it just tastes good it complementseverything i’m gonna try some of thesauce nextthe spicy sauce the house sauce and thesweet and tangy mustardoh wow my fingers are so slippery thatit’s hard toto take off the cap you know for surei’m going for some of that spicybarbecue saucebut i mean the meat is so good youactually don’t need anythingbut since it’s here i gotta try it okayi gotta go one more little piece ofbrisketoh that just you can squeeze yourfingers togetherand break off a pieceamazing with the barbecue sauce too thatgives it that tangylike sweet sauciness to itand then and then as you keep on chewingyou first taste that barbecue sauce andthen that smoky meat really comesthroughi’m in a completely new meat world rightnow okay next up this is the pulled porki believelook at that pinkness look at thatsmokey pinkist under therejust like everything so far that’ssuperb it’s phenomenalit’s melt in your mouth tender it’s youcan tastethe pure smoke in that meati’m just like at maximum happiness rightnowi’m gonna take a little meat break andtry some of those beanseven the beans look fantasticoh they have an amazing smokiness tothem toooh yeah another side we got is thecheese and jalapeno gritsoh that’s that’s fantastic it’s umyou can really taste the jalapeno comingin there and thenwe have one guys it does have a cheesyflavor as well there’s still a lot ofmeaton this tray but it’s slowly going downand i am justloving every single bite more and morei’m gonna move over to some of the othermeats that we got there’si think there’s still three more meatsthat we gotta try on this platter ialready had a taste of this impressivesausage and we saw them cooking it andwe had a tasted test in the linebut we got to take another bite of thatsausage it’s justcrazily good or maybe two or threeslices in a biteagain if you look into the depths ofthis sausage get a really close-up lookat that composition you can see thelittle pieces i think there’s somejalapeno in there you can see the piecesof black pepperuh scott mentioned to me that there’ssome bacon in here and also a mix ofbeef and porkhouse made smoked it’s got thatlike little bounce to it the perfecttexturethe pepper comes in really nicely it’ssaltyit’s so so good now turkey breast is ameat you might overskip and actually i might have skippedas well but ii wanted some of everything and as i wasordering the turkey breastone of the carvers uh he said that theturkey breast is actually his favoriteitem of the entire oh he just loves toeat of course too but he said the turkeybreastis his favorite[Music]oh yeah okay i can tell you for surethat’s the leanestpiece of thing that i’ve put in my mouthso farbut it’s not dry at all it’s juicy it’sunbelievably smoky again you have thatpepper crust and spice crustthat complements the whole the wholemeat feast this would go great with someof that barbecue sauceoh it just flakes apart[Music]delicious i think we’re down to the lastmeat which is the pork ribsit’s a little bit smaller i candefinitely say from the beef ribbut it looks impressively delicious aswell with that crustthat’s smoked yeah it’s juicyi mean it’s absolutely awesome but afterhaving the brisketand the beef ribs it’s probablynot as good as it would be like on itsownif you’re eating i mean it’s amazing thethe the beef ribs and that brisket justkind of dwarf dwarf it for me it’s stillawesomely goodyou know something i’ve just beenthinking aboutbecause the meat is so incredibly tenderyou can eat really fast and like youyou don’t have any self-control you’rebarely even chewing i mean a baby couldeat this meat you could chew with yourgumsit’s so tender but you don’t realizehow full you’re getting and how rich themeat isbut until you kind of stop and kind oftake a take a restkind of take a little breather a meatbreatherbut and then you realize how much meatyou’ve already consumedbut you’ve only taken like about 10bites you’ve only chewed 10 times it’sso tenderand that completes all six differenttypes of smokedmeat oh i’m i’m at an all-time happinessright now[Music]this is just like a fistful of meat thatcame off that ribit’s it’s so softthat’s one of the best single bites ofmeat you could possibly tasteokay the final thing that you have toeat at little miss barbecueis their famous pecan pie which is alsosmoked i believeoh that’s a little a little personalbeauty right there okay i’m gonna try togodeep into this pie to get some of thelayers of everything andto really go to into the depths of thispecan pie oh look at that you have tosee a close-up of that coming outah you can see that gooeyness you cansee the crunchycrusty layer on top and those pecans andthe crustwow[Music]that’s impressivei’m not huge on sweets i usually preferto fill upon all meat well but i did but a couplebites of this pecan piethat’s that’s unbelievable the nuttinessthe gooey sweetness it’s like it’s likenectar[Music]what a way to finish an unbelievablemeali think i might be on a water diet forthe rest of the day this is one of thosemeals where i might have toput my belt onto the next the next notchand you might have to do the same afteryou finish eating here oh that feels somuch betteri should have done that while i waseating their their friendliness theirpassion for smoking meattheir service i mean every when you’resitting there eating they will walkaroundmultiple staff and the owners they’llwalk around they’ll ask you how you’redoing they’ll ask how your meatsyou know your meats going uh but they’resoand you know it’s like that when you dosomething that you loveyou automatically have a passionfor it and you have such that that thatgenuine friendliness that that can onlycomebecause you love what you do so much andyou love the people that you get tointeract withso huge thank you to scott and becky andthe entire staffyou are all absolutely awesome the meatis it will blow your mind you have togetit’s almost impossible to choose afavorite meat because they’re all goodand they’re all differentbut those oh man i’mi’m under a little bit of the meatinfluences right nowbut those short ribs those beef shortribswill will change your life that’s all ican say that’s gonna be it forthis little miss bbq video i’m gonna goretire for the day nowplease remember to give this video athumbs up and also make sure yousubscribe i’m gonna be publishing lotsmore food and travel videosoh and finally also click that littlebell icon and that way you’ll benotified of all the future videos that ipostthanks again for watching i will see youon the next video

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