BBQ Beef Recipes

#9 Recipe: How to cook Beef Tongue (Japanese barbecue).

Hello. こんにちは。It’s Sushi-chan. Today, I will show you how to prepare a whole beef tongue!
And then, I will cook Japanese barbecue! Beef tongue is a common dish found in Japanese barbecue restaurants. Specifically, it is famous in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture.
Do you want to learn both Japanese language and cool Japanese culture (mainly how to cook simple-easy Japanese food) at the same time?

Welcome to our Free Japanese school.

I am from Japan. I graduated from the University of Tokyo and used to be a Japanese language tutor.

This free school is ideal for anyone in the world seeking to master Japanese language, and also learn how to cook Japanese food.

Every Saturday or Sunday, I will upload the lesson video. In each class, I will teach you basic grammar, speaking and listening. Just after each lesson, I will give you homework.
And then once or twice during the week, I will upload a homework checking video to see if you understand each lesson.

And I will also upload a weekly-video on Japanese culture, mainly easy Japanese food recipes.

If you’ve never studied Japanese, don’t worry!! I will teach you Japanese in a comprehensive way starting with the basics.

Let’s learn both Japanese language and Japanese culture in this school.

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