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BBQ Beef Bulgogi & Oyster Mushrooms

On this episode we mix Beef Bulgogi and Oyster Mushrooms, such a great combo!!!

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Video Transcription

hey it’s John time this is cookingAvenue where today we’re cooking beefbulgogi and right over here we’ve gotsome delicious minced garlic that’sgonna get thrown into this pan after wethrow this blend of red onions andshredded beef not thin beef liketraditional bulgogi but we have someshredded beef and the onions are Osteronions that look deliciousthey were super soft I got some of myface I can’t really miss Carly so muchright nowHey look mya few beautiful bad boys right here andthey are super super soft get up inthere while shroomish shroo me anywaythis pin is getting stupid hot becausethat’s how you want the pan to be forbulgogi they call it screaming screaminghot and first batch it’s gonna go so wewant this to be a spread across the panas possiblewe’re throw more in there huh oh my goshit’s not even close enoughthe smell is super heavenly can’t evensee the food there means I get freethat’s kind of cool I’m hoping thiscomes out on tape want to spread it outas much as possible this is not lettingit overlap you want it to dry dry out asmuch as possible and want the water tocome out it traps the flavor and ifthere’s like still like a lot of waterthe plate you know like you want thewater evaporate because otherwise thejuices make the flavor pour out when youhave it on your plate so after that’sbeen in there for like a little whilethen we’re gonna add the garlic but thisis what it looks like initially that’s anice milk going on again I really hopethese films yeah anyway I’m chime timethis is cooking Avenue hopefully we cansee what this looks like later and how agood taste and we’re back and here issome beats now you want to totally stirit up oh it’s gonna get all foggy like Isaid you want it to dry and even likelook like here in the corners like alittle bit dark Bernie like BernieSanders browneze bulgogi leave all his littletwisties all those oysters mushroomsblended in there oh my god it is sofreakin hot right nowhe’s burning burning burning burning Ieven had to eat some because therewasn’t enough space for this to cookevenly because I have it so packed allright here’s the damage of all thecleaning that I have to do from all thecooking I’ve done and as you can seeplenty of leftovers for tomorrow and myactual meal now this doesn’t lookentirely healthy but it’s fine I promiseyou it’s just like a matter of there’sno vegetables all you see is brown andso brown and that’s because thevegetables are in there because thevegetables are brown – you know they’rejust marinated with meat and they’rejust in the form of mushrooms andmushrooms are exceptionally healthy andexceptionally deliciousyeess know there’s music I’m gonna get banned from YouTube for cursingas well it’s a good thing I was able toshut that offso usually sometimes I don’t even eat ordrink whatever I’m reviewing with youbut I’m gonna taste it real quick you’replaying it’s so goodas I talk with my mouth full let me seeif I get some a bit of mushroom oh itlooks better on the side yeah okay sothat’s that’s what it looks like becauseit doesn’t look very shrew me but it’sbecause I grabbed each mushroom and tornthat or in several pieces you wanted asstringy as possible for texture reasonsI was very chewy like the actual beef soit’s a good fake meat and way to trickpeople now some people are like oh youshould only eat the substitute becausethat’s vegan or something another butit’s healthy for you like the substitutethe meat substitute and it’s really goodmy mom would never know and partiallythat’s the marinade now eight smart hadthis really good bulgogi specificmarinade which I’d highly recommend andthe last time I cooked without the garlike throwing in your own freshly mincedcut garlic is is the right way to do itI always go with garlic hearts don’t gowith the freemen store packaged peeledgarlic it’s just too expensive that wasgood doesn’t last one mmm don’t do thatto yourself this is a really good onlyday cooking by myself but we have plentyof extras plenty of leftovers this is ahuge meal probably had to go back homewhich is vacationing with me for like alittle while a bit of a quarantinevacation and now I’m just quarantinealonebut yeah plenty of leftovers some Chongtime and this is cooking Avenue live tolove chime time

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