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Beef BBQ Steak 🥩 | Grill Potatoes | Béchamel Sauce |


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Video Transcription

hey guys what’s up and welcome back tothe video today I’m gonna be making oneof my favorite steaks because currentlywe just have a hundred subscribers butwe can unfortunately still not go aliveso please please please give us athousand subscribers so we can go a lifefor you guys okay so today I’m gonna bemaking a BBQ beef steak and these are sojuicy and awesome you guys should reallytry this recipe for this recipe we’regoing to be needing four tablespoons ofWorcestershire sauce two tablespoons ofbarbecue sauce one tablespoon of oliveoil one teaspoon of garlic 1/2 teaspoonof onion powder one tablespoon ofmustard three tablespoons of mayonnaiseand two tablespoons of lemon juice butyou will also be needing a day gamematch okay so it was like like this youknow there’s only type of Chili’s andover here I have half kg1/2 kg of this special beef part that isbasically the lines that it has in thisit gives a special softness so when arewe gonna buy it make sure to buy beefsteak beef okay so let’s get startedit’s meat hammer to pound on our beefand this is really good because it’lljust flattens our steaks okay so there’sthis flat side and the spiky side andthis is what we’re using – and this willmake sure that it’s cooked properly aswell[Music][Music][Music]and now I’m just going to do this withthe rest all the beef is pounded overhere going to be making the marinationso I got the worst to share sauce overhere for tables when to push her saucetwo tablespoons of the barbecue sauceone tablespoon of olive oil some measurethatone tablespoonone teaspoon of the bodieshalf teaspoon of the onion powderone tablespoon of mustardthree tablespoons of mayonnaisetwo tablespoons of lemon juicewell make sure going to be marinatingour beef or something and take one pieceof the beef out bring her over heresaidI’m gonna do the same with the otherpiecesand then I’m going to refrigerate thisfor 15 minutes the beef eyes are fortrader and we’re going to be cookingthem now I’m cooking these in a grill sothat you get that nice design that wewant but if you do not have it you cancook it in a double sided pan or any manthat is available to you and put thedesign using a rod so you could that’sanother option you can do I have putpotatoes here which have been put inboiling water for five minutes so thatthe starch comes out and this is already[Music][Music]are you and the rest of the spice thatis left I am putting it intoand we’re going to put this into the panlater onso while our beef is cooking we aregoing to be making the sauce I’vealready told you this recipe when I wasmaking my beef steak but I’m gonnarepeat it again so I’m making thebechamel sauce and for that I mean to beneeding 1 cup of milk 1 cube of chicken4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour 4tablespoons of butter and a quarter cupof water to dilute the chicken stockcube and so grab my whisk and put thechicken cube in the water first and I’mgoing to put the butter signals[Music]and I need to add in the floor into thisI’m notand I’m going to grab my listso I’m going to add in the chicken cubeand this will help dilute the chatterand by time this will start to get thickand half teaspoon of black pepper stagewhen it’s getting harder to whisk thesauce and it’s getting a little thick itis ready I’m just going to pour it intomy food and there you have it yourbechamel sauce is ready so let’s have alook at the state and see if the beefsteaks are ready right nowwell those look great one stuck to thetop okay because our patent is still hotright now I need to be converting thestates from the grill toand we need to put in the computers intothisI’m just gonna fallhe’s a very slipperyso we close this andI have my steak place over heredisclaimer please do not do this on yourown this is very dangerous use adulthelp like I am I stay played thepotatoes the bechamel sauce as well assome juices which I’ve told you therecipe yeah and the sauce I guess I’mjust going to pick up one of these[Music]you may be wondering why not in Londonbut this is the thing[Music]get your really try this barbecue steakrecipe down below Twitter and Instagramand I’ll see you there please likesubscribe and share my videos byeyou

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  1. Unique recipe done nicely😍but is there any alternative way to make this without sandwich griller machine?😐😐☺️

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