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Beef “Finger” Ribs on the PK Grill… Take 2

If you’ve seen my first video, you’ll remember we cooked beef “finger” ribs on my PK Classic Grill. We love ’em so much, we did them again! A few minor tweaks in the method, but it’s generally the same as before.

And “Finger Ribs”? I dunno, that’s what the store is calling them. Where I grew up we just called them beef ribs or beef spar ribs maybe? I dunno. All I know is they’re good, and this is how I make them on the PK.

So this was shot a while back before the time change, so it still got dark early. I apologize for the dark shots. Also, it was before all the craziness that we are experiencing! Hope everyone out there is safe, healthy, and washing their hands!!!

I usually give an explanation of what I did, but #1 – don’t think many folks read my lengthy descriptions, #2 – I already did these, #3 it’s probably pretty clear in the video and #4 if you have any questions, I will happy answer any of them in the comments!

Not sure if I’m going to shoot any videos during the quarantine – might depend on how long it actually goes – but I have some meat in the freezer and some ideas so we’ll see!

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Thanks for watching!

Music is “Town of 24 Bars” by Unicorn Heads from the YouTube audio library.

Original of the video here

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