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Beef Ribs on The Outlaw Patio Stickburner

Beef Ribs on The Outlaw Patio Stickburner

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Beef Ribs on The Outlaw

Beef, Salt, Pepper and Smoke… What more could you ask for? This recipe turned out some epic beef ribs!

***What You Need***
-Beef Ribs
-Your Favorite Beef Rub (Salt, Pepper, Garlic)
– Butcher Paper
– About 5 hours

First thing your going to have to do is source some quality beef ribs. We picked these up from The Butcher Shoppe in Pensacola. Reach out to your local butcher and make it happen because they are definitely worth it.

These ribs did not need much trimming. I only remove what silver skin I seen on top. With Beef Ribs you do not have to worry about the membrane on the back. It sucks pulling off and helps hold the ribs together once they are done.

For seasoning we used our “Mississippi Grit” and a heavy dose of course ground black pepper. We went heavy with the seasoning since the Beef Ribs are pretty thick and packed with marbling.

For this recipe we cooked on the stickburner to really add that great Texas flavors. We got it fired up with some All Natural Briquettes. Once the coal bed ready we started to add the pecan. We set the vents to run about 275-300 for the entire cook.

We got the Beef Ribs placed on the pit and let the Outlaw do the work. We checked on them about every hour and spritzed as needed with water.

At the 2 1/2 hour mark the Beef Ribs had the bark and color we were looking for. We got us a piece of butcher paper and wrapped them up tight. Got them placed on the pit and let the roll.

Once the ribs hit about 205 degrees internal, they are done. We removed them from the pit and placed them in a dry cooler to rest for an hour.

Now the part we have been waiting for….. These rib were unbelievable!! Packed full of moisture and flavor!! It’s basically the best brisket ever with a handle!!!


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