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Best Grilled Steak Dinner Recipe [Complete Guide from Holy Grail BBQ]

This grilled steak dinner recipe is one of the best you’ll find for under 30 minutes of actual prep time. Starting with the info from my How To Cook Steak on a Grill video, I added that to the info from my video about the Best Sauce for Steaks, and the result was a complete steak dinner for you to make.

I used beef tenderloin (USDA Choice grade). Using my perfect steak recipe, I first started with a dry salt cure. This is done by adding liberal amounts of Kosher Salt to both sides of the steak. ( After about 30 minutes, I rinse the excess salt of the steaks and pat them dry with a paper towel. Then, I apply a light layer of oil to the steaks, followed by pepper. No more salt at this point as they already have enough.

On one of the petite tenderloins, I gave it ample amounts of crushed tri-colored pepper corns. You can put them in a bag and crush them with a spoon or frying pan if you don’t have a mortar and pestle.

The steak will start on the “cool” side of a two-zone fire. This means that the coals are placed on one side of the grill. This side will be the “hot” side, and the side without coals will be the cool side. Let the steak come up to 105 or 110 degrees on the cool side, then transfer it to a scorching hot pan on the hot side. You will only need to leave the steak there a minute or two on each side. No more than that.

For the side items we are doing mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus. Boild the sweet potatoes for about 15 minutes in salted water. The potatoes should be in about 1/2 inch cubes. Once boiled, drain and add to a bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of sour cream, and 1 tablespoon of butter. Mix, and add salt and pepper to taste.

For the asparagus, lightly coat with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then grill on high heat for about 5 minutes. Turn as necessary, but allow the veggies to get a slight char. Move to indirect heat if you need to continue the cooking.

Finally, plate everything using the techniques I demonstrated in Episode 2 of the steak series. The final topping for the steak is a Chive Butter topping. In episode 2 I showed you how to make a parsley butter topping. This is a twist on that that uses chives.

This meal was inspired by a dinner from Hello Fresh.

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My grills:
Weber 22 inch Premium Kettle:
GMG Pellet Grill, Daniel Boone model:

Grill Accessories:
Cast Iron Pan:
Grill Grates:
Grill Grates Brush:
Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat:
Smoke Tube:
Weber Rib Rack:

Equipment and Accessories:
Instant Read Thermometer:
Miyabi Kaizen Hollow Edge Santoku Knife:
Salt and Pepper Bowls:
Kids Knife Set:

Food and Spices:
Beef and Chicken Stock Concentrate Packets:
Demi Glace Packets:
Morton Garlic Sea Salt:
Hello Fresh
Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce:


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