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Bourbon Basted Beef ribs recipe Fall off the bone slow cook in Philips All-in-One cooker 8L HD2238

Boubon-Basted beef ribs Recipe

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Recipe below
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RECIPE (Based on Philips recipe book with modifications)

Five ingredients is all it takes to make these fall-off-the-bone ribs. You can lick your fingers now and thank us later!

1.8kg of beef ribs
½ cup (125ml) of bourbon or rum
¼ cup of brown sugar
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1 cup of barbecue sauce


1. Press SAUTÉ/SEAR HIGH TEMP button, set cooking time for 5 minutes and press START, do not close the lid.
2. Lightly spray inner-pot with oil.
3. Brown the ribs in batches, then return all to the inner pot.
4. Combine bourbon, brown sugar, garlic and barbecue sauce.
5. Pour over the ribs.
6. Seal lid, cook on SLOW COOK LOW TEMP for 4 hours or select BEEF/LAMB program in PRESSURE COOKING, settime for 59 minutes. Press START.
7. When cooking is complete, turn pressure regulator to VENT (high pressure) to allow the pressure to release. Remove lid.
8. Remove the beef ribs and set aside. Cover with foil.
9. Press THICKEN button, set time for 5 minutes and press START, do not close the lid.
10. Allow the sauce to simmer until reduced. Stir regularly. Serve ribs with reduced bourbon sauce with your favourite sides.

Original of the video here

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