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SOUTHBOUND SMOKE has done it again with a simple, fool proof way to grill a Tomahawk steak! No need of fancy procedures to enjoy a delicious steak!

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Video Transcription

easy to grill tomahawk steak put someSouth in your mouth this South Mountainwe’re starting with a $15 steak and someB&B sharp better bolder bargain[Music]and the fire is ready place steak on thegrill that’s rightseason it with own salt and pepper only[Music]sear it on all sides and after thatplace an indirect heat until desireinternal temperature is reached whensteak is done let it rest for about 10or 15 minutes there you have it see iton all side now let’s go ahead and cutinto this bad boy let’s see what we have[Music]there you go great medium-rare wellthanks for watchingit’s a Dave this have been southboundsmoke

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