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Easy way to Grilled Beef Steak at Home

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Video Transcription

hello my guys tonight I am preparing formy dinnerknocking doula to be near it’s a grilledbeef steak and I’m gonna show you howwe’re gonna do itso my guys to put in a mid Nagar meetingcause it’s a buggy grill and now we’regonna marinate this one using olive oilgarlic powder and this kind of seasoningor yeah so after we season the steak wewere gonna leave this one for about 15to 20 minutes so while waiting for 15 to20 minutes or gonna prepare some of theingredients just like this one red bellpepper green bell pepper green onionstomato so we have also carrots lettuceso after 15 minutes it will Gaga meetinggo to grill this is take this is anindoor grill and it is the switch bottleyou can twist like that oneso it’s this vlog and this is high so wewere gonna preheat this one for about 2to 3 minutes at a patina but Elega itdon’t staked it as a grill so after[Music]steakthere we go[Music]so while waiting for the beef to becookedpreparing the gravy sauce for my steakinviting the Harlow Harlow line[Music]no my guys our stick is almost readyand this is our gravy so this isn’t thefinal product so the bottom we have ashredded lettuce we about carrots wehave tomato we have a buttergreen onions green and red bell pepperand rice and for my drinks guys I callthis one lamb orange combination oflemon and orangethat’s right leverage we need a boilinghot water and sugar pot and 2 tbsp ofsugar 1/2 and then we put the honeymaybe around 1 tablespoon and when weput the boiling water or hot waterparramatta so cooling sugar and thenwe’re gonna squeeze this lemonade I meanthe lemon and orange like empty nothingwrong yellow pad mock Bulldog to includeit and after we squeeze this one garlic- attendee toe there we go and then weneed to shake it[Applause][Applause]they’re poor mojado never get to notthere it’s a bus so it’s a pop killingdrinks for tonightlevel range lemon and orange that’s whyI call this one LEM arranged ring mm-hmmit’s really goodthank you for watching guys I hope youliked my video just don’t forget toclick the like and subscribe button formore videossee you on my next video so this is mydinner for tonight guys thank you bye

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