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Flavor Breakdown – Whiskey BBQ Beef Jerky

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Video Transcription

hey everybody welcome to flavorbreakdown of whiskey barbecue we goteverybody’s two favorite things packedin a1 beef jerky bag here we got yourwhiskey we got your barbecue it’s prettymuch heaven in a bag or bag that says Ilike to partyI use that way too much but I mean it istrue this is definitely an interestingflavor let’s just start yeah let’s getinto it man this is a weird one notflavor-wise not even texture wise butwhen you grab onto it some parts aregonna be dry some parts are gonna be alittle stickier it’s gonna be a goodkind of medium wet or jerky this hassome barbecue sauce on there so there’sa little bit of stickiness but not everypiece that you grab is gonna be superstickyabsolutely and it’s unique to in thetexture you got some dried bits of itand then you got some wetter than otherbits of it it’s not a uniform acrosseach piece jerky for sure now as far asthe barbecue flavor goes this is veryclose to our sweet barbecue flavor Ialways like to say it’s like the sweetbarbecue but the sweetness comes fromthat cooked out whiskey so it’s not amolasses he’s heavy sweetness to it it’sjust very light and airy and then youget that barbecue on the backend of itand it makes for a very very good flavorthis one if you like alcohol and you’rescared to try it remotely bourbonbecause of the heat this is the one youwant because you still get that nicesmokiness that the Chipotle gives youbut you don’t get any of the heat sothis is perfect for you for you ifyou’re like me you can’t stand the heatbut want a good whiskey barbecue flavorOh guys I mean there’s really not muchto it it’s a top round cut of beef jerkywith whiskey and some sweet barbecuesauce on it so let’s hear from you guysthough this is our next section calledreviews from you I’ll take drew fromOrlando he writes all right all rightall rightwhiskey BBQ great flavor and one of theflavors doesn’t overpower the otherrecommend and get this again drew wehope to see another order from you soonbuddy – from miss Bea if she says tasteslike barbecue moves I like the way thatthe barbecue flavor comes through withthat nice and a whiskey not overpoweringjust right I agree there’s definitely agood barbecue flavor we’re just -hearing that booze flavor that doesn’toverpower it so guys if you wantsomething that tastes good is a cool bagto kind of show off to your friends thisis definitely one to get add it to yourcart we got I mean a ton of these boothsflavors if you wantyour baller get the booze combo you getto try all of our top sellers in thembut more importantly guys make sure youchat with one of our jerky gurus sogonna be able to answer any questionsthat you need hopefully you’re luckyenough to get Brad but guys we hope youhave a wonderful day that’s been onwhiskey BBQ breakdown I stop it and stayeasy[Music][Music]

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