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Grilled Beef Steak with Prawn Ala Resto

Grilled Porterhouse Beef Steak and Prawn ala resto

Porterhouse Beef 875g
Tiger Prawn Xlarge 400g
Potato Wedges
Salt. 1tbsp
Pepper 1tbsp
BBQ sauce generous amount
Soy sauce 1/2cup
Cooking oil & Spray Cooking Oil

Procedure : Cooking Beef
1. Preheat Stove for medium fire, for grill pan
2. Wash the beef then Rub with Salt and pepper
3. Then pour soy sauce on both sides add bbq sauce
4. Then put the beef when the pan is hot and ready cook each side roughy 5-7mins depends if you want medium rare or well done.
Procedure: Prawn/Shrimp
1. Heat a small
2. Casserole pour just 1 1/2cup of water, put salt and shrimp and boil it for about 5-7minutes or until prawn is orange and cooked.
Procedure: Potato Wedges
1. Heat s small casserole, pour a decent amount of oil enough to deep fry the potato wedges
2. Cooked for about 3-5minutes until cooked and drain. Set aside.
Procedure for Plating
Prepare the plate, arrange 4pcs of prawn, add a couple of potato wedges on the side and last put the steak beef then drizzle with BBQ sauce. Put a little bit of lettuce for sides. And add tablespoon of sour cream on the side for dipping. Serve and enjoy.

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