BBQ Beef Recipes

Grilled Beef Tenderloin & Sirloin Steaks w/ Grilled Potatoes, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Onions, Peppers

Season assorted fresh veggies with olive oil ,,salt and freshly ground black pepper. Clean bottom 2 to 3 inches of asparagus stem with a potato peeler,peel middle of small new potatoes with a paring knife and then microwave to done, about 4 to 5 minutes.Cut stems off snow mushrooms and make a star on top with a paring knife,cut yellow sweet bell pepper and take out the seeds and the white veins.Olive oil,salt and pepper.The prime beef filets and the sirloin steaks olive oil ,salt and coarse cracked black pepper ,like in steak au poivre ! Put potatoes and veggies on hot grill first ,let cook 2 minutes before putting asparagusonthe upper rack,now add steaks ,about 2 and a half minuts to 3 minutes each side for medrare. Take off asparagus so it is still firm,then the other veggies ,potatoes and then the steaks .Let all rest 5 minutes before serving.

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Video Transcription

hi I’m chef Karl smokeless fire todaywe’re gonna be doing two kinds of Peartit’s the laser lines and what’s going tobe a filet mignon and some girlsvegetables and potatoes to go what it’schef Karl food whisperer taking themystery out of cooking okay so what arewe gonna start off with I got a bunch ofdifferent vegetables fish potatoes Ipeeled a little core around so I look alittle pretty pretty put some stars onthe mushrooms we got the mushrooms andthat shows of these nice stars imarinated everything and olive oil and alittle salt and pepperthey take the point of a paring knifeand just push it on and as I say a staris born so olive oil a little blackpepper asparagus I peeled what a kind offeeler so you got this real nice fancyschmancy look so let’s put these on thegrill and then we’re gonna get to thesteaks which I’ll show you in a secondrolling dice steak medium-rare I likethem there we go with a sirloin placewider the ball tip these are the 90shots take and these are you at nine toten dollars thing from the filet mignonwe’re going to be cooking these steaksabout two minutes of two and a halfminutes on each side maybe three topsand we’ll pull the vegetables off andabout two – I don’t want them to getover course[Music]they are spaghetti two more minutes Ithink we’re gonna be there know if youwant your steaks medium million well youknow you don’t have to pause for fiveminutes and if you say you want tosteaks well doneI recommend honest-to-goodness buyingfive rooms but that’s just my opinion Iwant to say hi to all the people whilemy chef school they want to WashburneCulinary Institute because I was aresearcher four of us eight 10 years ifanybody out there that just enjoyscooking and having fun I hope you areenjoying these don’t forget subscribecut the belt so you got notification andlet me know what you want to see if Idon’t pass off of our this mask I thinkI’m really Harris well you how abouttaping for a while because it ispandemic but thank goodness Lord and Ifigured out a way to do it outside for awhile both on earthhey that’s just a safe Oh Josie theseare all right thank youshop Carl for spur thank you for joiningaway my house my yard and let’s guesswhat Hispanic thing say how thing havefun and I love you

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