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How to Grill Beef Ribs & Lobster Tails | Surf and Turf Viking STYLE by the Masked Chef

And here we have a surf and turf meal for only the faint….. a sexy viking!

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1. Coat with @peppernectar Hot Sauce and BBQ
2. Time to Rub Your Chub – HEAVILY!
3. Create that beautiful bark… baby!
4. Check those beauties out 😉
5. The more you look the less it cooks.
… 3 hours later
6. Internal temp at 203 – make sure it feels like butttah
7. USE: @Findking_Knife “The Cheetah Series”

Lobster Tails –
Pre-heat your grill to 400 degrees
Cut the lobster tails down the middle
Melt butter add garlic and Peckers Sea Food Rub to it
Baste the lobster with it and add place in a pan.
Cover pan and add to grill (indirect heat)
Once reached 130 degrees sear the lobster on both sides and ENJOY!

Now eat like a true viking!

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