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How To Make Dill Pickle Flavored Beef Jerky Made With Waltons Inc Excalibur Jerky Seasoning

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Video Transcription

hey welcome back man here in this videowe’re going to make a dill pickle beefjerky hello there I’m Ben with who’syour back outdoors and you’re watchingvans world but we’re gonna be doing itthe easy way we’re gonna be using somealready made up seasoning this righthere bag full will do 25 pounds of rawmeat I’ve got 5 pounds it actually comeswith a conversion chart on Waltonswebsite where you can break it down intoone pound five pound where you just dothe whole bag for 25 pounds of raw meatso this takes two point nine ounces I’mactually gonna use some brown sugar init you hear me my other videos I wastelling you aboutbrown sugar how it acts as a cure how itactually tenderizes the meat makes ittender well these guys are saying thesame thing that I’ve been saying theyactually come up with 18% brown sugarper pound of meat so this comes out to Ithink he came up to like fourteen ouncesof sugar but I’m not gonna put that muchin here this is seven ounces of sugarright here and the reason why I’m notgonna put more than this in here becauseit’s gonna make it super sticky if I putthat much sugar in here so brown sugaractually acts as a cure because what itdoes is it takes a hold of that waterand it won’t let it produce any kind ofmicrobes any kind of bacteria any thingsso you want to put this in here and getall the brown sugar dissolved before youadd the seasoning the seasoning is 2.9ounces it’s kind of got a little over 5pounds I got five point three pounds soI’ve got three ounces of seasoning righthere and I’m telling you some hills sogood so we’re gonna just keep stirringto it get this brown sugar mixed up I’vegot the smoker going behind me you mightsee it smoke up in here if you’reworried about me don’t because I’ve gotthe windows open both double doors I’vegot the exhaust fan on there no need toworry I’m in no harm but you might see asmoke up in here a little bit we’regonna do just like I’ve been doing othervideos and actually they do the samething I didn’t know that I’ve been doingit before and they do the same thingthat they do a step they do it at 110I can’t remember what it what all it isso my smoker goes down to 125 we’regonna start at 125 degrees for like 20minutes let me see 20 minutes at 125 30minutes at 135 they don’t wanna go bywhat they do ten minutes at 140 thirtyminutes at 150 and then we’re gonna bumpup to 175 degrees till it gets to be aninternal temperature of 160 we’ll keepmixing this up right here we’re actuallygonna put this in the vacuum areaNader’s won’t take an hour for thesmoker to get ready and so we’re justgonna let this run on the vacuummarinate er until the smokers ready toput the meat in that’s pretty good righttheresee yeah it’s all well keep on going tous dissolved because if you don’t it’sgonna stick to the meat even more youwant it you want this solution to getinside of the meat you don’t want it tobe granule still in here when you’redoing it so we’re gonna put this awayI’ve got several flavors I’ve done thebarbecue flavor already I’ve done thebold I think it is both of them areamazing the barbecue I’ve already done avideo on the barbecue it I don’t thinkyou might have already seen if youhadn’t check that out let’s give this ashot we’re gonna go ahead and put thisinside here and stir it up they dosomething a little different too theyactually coat the meat with theseasoning before they put in theirtumblr or ziploc bag or whatever and putit in the frigerator whatever they doyou know they actually coat it first sothe water you want to use 20 percentwater per pound and that’s somethingthat they came up with I’ve never reallyknown I’ve just added enough to coverthe meat up so 20 percent of the waterright here is about 16 ounces so that’swhat we’ve got in here this got a littlemore than that we’ve got 20 ounce bottlethat’s just fine and dandy not going tohurt anythingall right that’s mixed up pretty goodlet’s get the meat there’s actually nogood prices on meat right now and meatit’s hard to find out what the Sam’s tryto get it over there and usually cost methree dollarsa little over three dollars sometimesand this right here ended up being sevendollars and 49 cents a pound but I gotthem to slice it too and they sliced iton number seven in case you’re wonderingyou go to the meat market where you’reat and ask them to slice up into jerkystrips iftell them my number number seven this iswhat you’re gonna get that right thereperfect this is I round so we’re gonnathrow this in here we’re gonna pull avacuum on it I’m gonna put the lid onright here bring this up I’m gonna turnit right there and we’re gonna turn thepower on I’m just gonna start foolingvacuumyou this is the best thing ever I don’tknow if you’re grilling out or what thisis the best thing ever it pulls all thateverything depended the meat you knowwe’re gonna put a lock I like to shakeit up get all that meat coated and we’llput it on here and we’re gonna go aheadand set it but the time up as long asit’ll let me yeah one hourall right kind of goofed I didn’t putany here in the kheer prekow here whatare you gonna call it I’m not gonna usetheir their packet here which comes youknow pack like this only because it’seasier for me to just open up this thinga prank powder and it takes one teaspoonfor five pounds that’s all you needright there I’m gonna take shake this upreal goodright after I pull it back pull back youMon it and shake it up real good willshould be good to go all right I’m notgonna wanna smoke DUP in here innithey I’m not gonna put all this in thevideo I’m fixin to put this in thestrainer and strain it out I got tohurry up and get this in the smokertimes ticking look at it loaded up thereand there is the water pan the water panis full okay just wondering all rightlet’s give it a try that’s good mmm Wowgot great dill pickle flavor hmm Wowwe’ve got look at that Cali boom well ifthis gets still warm why are you up thatmarinate under marinade toddler and thesmoker really does the trickthat’s some good stuff hey y’all thanksfor stopping by thanks for watching ifyou liked this video give me a bigthumbs up like share subscribey’all have a good one now you come back

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