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How to make grilled beef 🥩 saves with rosemary potatoes 🥔 with mushroom 🍄 sauce 🇱🇰

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Video Transcription

we’ll come back my plate today I’m goingto show you how to make Gil will be soingredient rosemary garlic choppedgarlic salt mustard applicants withchili paprika powder and olive oil andblack pepper so we take the BP steak weneed to hammer this the baby stay 200gram so we need to this one is hammervery carefully I will show you how tomake that one because gangly after canpowder mustard salt and rosemary I willgo into the use this done be right backmust set half this whole solid publicanpowder hopped is 1 teaspoon and was verysmall 2 spoon like that and choppedgarlic 1 teaspoon and black pepper 1/2teaspoon and olive oil 2 spoon so thisis the ingredient[Music][Music]this is the really big loss for a potatoand Moscow sauce

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