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How to make Smoked Beef Jerky in the MasterBuilt Pro Cabinet Smoker

Ingredient list:

+/- Five pound, beef eye of round cut across the grain in .25” slices
5 grams of curing salt, I used Anthonys
236 grams of brown sugar (meat weighed 2366 grams, 10%)
20 grams of garlic powder
10 grams of onion powder
10 grams of cayenne pepper
5 grams of black pepper
100 grams of white sugar (granular, not powdered)
100 grams of course sea salt, not table or iodized
5 grams of smoked paprika
10 grams of chili powder
1/2 teaspoon ( very fine and light weight, it didn’t want to register on my scale) Chinese five spice

Combine spices well, massage into the meat and refrigerate, turning every 8-12 hours, I marinaded mine for about two and a half days. Coat a baking rack(s) with nonstick spray, place meat on rack with any marinade still on it. Smoke at 190 degrees for about three hours or once meat starts to show its drying well when you bend a piece. Raise temperature slowly, to 260 degrees and remove it when it gets there. Use an electronic temperature gauge and err on the side of caution, you want to remove it as the sugars are caramelizing, not when they are burning, so keep an eye on it if you can. Remove it and cut as you wish while still warm. Let it cool and air dry before packaging. The end result is mind blowing, almost candied beef jerky, with a hint of heat in the background.

Try and weigh your ingredients and note your measurements for future reference, my first batch, I used 200 grams of salt as mentioned in the video, edible, but too salty.

My inspiration, cooking times and temperatures came from the awesome folks at “Smokehouse Bayou Smoked Meats”, the only ingredient I could actually gleam a quantity of from his video was the amount of brown sugar because he gave an amount of sugar to amount of meat, the rest of the ingredients, I was on my own and as you will find out when you make this jerky, I think I came pretty close to smoked awesomeness……!

Let me know how yours comes out and don’t forget to like and subscribe, I’m not to far from retirement and want to start growing my channel as a hobby. Thanks in advance, ~Old School~

Original of the video here

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