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Kamado Joe BEEF RIBS. Can the iKamand “set it & forget it” cook better smoked beef ribs than me?

Can the dark lords of artificial intelligence cook beef ribs on the Kamado Joe better than yours truly? Using the iKamand from Kamado Joe we setup for a low and slow beef rib on the Kamado Joe Classic 3 to find out if my days of head backyard chef are limited lol.

Stuff I used/showed in this video
iKamand –
Smokeware drip pan –
High heat gloves – (good for up to 930f)
Jealous devil charcoal –
Dry brine salt – (dry brine steaks, chicken etc,)

Links in this video
Set it and forget it, foolproof manual hacks for hassle free low & slow –
iKamand unboxing, setup and first cook on the @kamadojoe channel –
Baby back ribs & smoked Mac and cheese –
Is your temp gauge lying? –

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High heat gloves – (good for up to 930f)
Wireless MEATER+ probe – (get this version, the extra range helps in a Kamado) or the multi-pack block version –
Nitrile gloves –
Fire starter cubes –
4 probe wireless Inkbird –
My top 2 charcoal brands – Jealous devil charcoal – & KJ big block charcoal –

Dry brine salt – (dry brine steaks, chicken etc,)
Smoked sea salt – (My go to for adding to dishes)
Favourite finishing salt – (Fleur de Sel, best finishing salt for steaks)
Duck fat spray – (a great binder)
Cheap & effective Sous Vide – (best way to reheat BBQ)

Grill expander – (for nearly double the space)
Soapstone – (for perfect seared steak, scallops, smash burgers etc.)
DoJoe Pizza – (my head to head pizza champion)
JoeTisserie –
Cast iron Wok by KJ – (Classic & Big Joe)
KJ Sear plate – (Jr & Classic)
SloRoller –
iKamand –

Charcoal basket for Joe Jr. – (a must in my opinion)
Upgraded stainless vent cap by SmokeWare – *** you need the gasket below to fit the Jr.
Gasket needed to make the SmokeWare stainless cap fit the Kamado Joe Jr. –
Stainless drip pan by SmokeWare –
Beer can chicken roaster that fits in the Jr. –
Cast iron pan that fits inside the Joe Jr – (Lodge)
Dutch oven that fits inside the KJ classic x ring – (Lodge)
Veggie grill basket –
v-rack –
Kamado Joe feet – (shown in my table installation)

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Why do I think the series 3 Kamado Joe is worth the premium over the series 2? Check out this awesome article about the science behind the SloRoller hyperbolic insert on the Kamado Joe:

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