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Kara’s Kitchen – Seitan Grilled Beef

Made Some Seitan Beef Made From Gluten Flour, kidney Beans, Tofu And Soy Milk Blended Together, Cut Into Chunks Boiled In Broth For One Hour, Drained And Stored In Container Until Ready To Use! Here I’m Using A Few To Make Grilled Seitan Steaks!

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Video Transcription

Thanks yesterday well I should say thismorning really finished him off site andsteaks different varieties differentshapes and what I want to do is kind ofmarinate marinate a little bit and thenput them on a grill and see what ittastes likenow here I have tablespoon of soy saucetablespoon of which is a sauce the goodkindwe have some honey it’s by the table isgoing to honey and we have a tablespoonof brown sugar and now we’re going touse 1/3 cup of olive oil we’re going tolist in this olive oil all mixed inthere real goodnow really if you were using regularbeef or these steaks you would have toput them in a plastic bag let themmarinate for about two hours here we’regonna do a quickie but it probably wouldtaste better if you did that now myproblem is deciding which ones I want touse so while y’all make a decision forme let’s get my tongs and let’s go forone to find what I need I’m going to putthis in turnnow the soy sauce is in there so youdon’t need to salt but I have to have alittle bit of cayenne so we’re gonnapushcayenne pepper you know what cayennepepper is good for hemorrhaging heartattackc1 hit someone having one that’s goodput it under your tongue their tonguenow we have some workers in here mainlymy son and that’s probably who you heardin the background calling my grandsonbut we’re going to let that sit for afew minutes while we cut corn once thatdead heat it up by that time theselittle steaks would be nice I may do twoand once it’s done what would you havewith it that’s the thing and we have thedoor is open cuz they’re bringing alumber they’re really doing some repairwork we have some cilantro and we gonnagarnish with over here now in thismarinade you have garlic powderabout a tablespoon we have two wishes asauce the good kind we have the soysauce the best we have a tablespoon ofhoney and 1/3 a cup of olive oil andlike I said you can let it sit overnightmarinade if you like or two hours threehours however well when I was making thesite and gluten steaks beef steaks inthe water or the broth itself even inthe flour we had soy sauce okay we hadonion powder garlic powder nutritionalyeast flakes and so we incorporated thatin thetry mix as well as in the broth that itwas bored in so now this nice and hotand we’re gonna get a grill mark on eachside because it’s really done and if youwant to do some onions with it you canthat’ll be good so I’ll take some onionsand put some onions on there and let itbrown right along with it matter of factI think that’s what I’ll do buy my panis getting hot yeah I don’t mind andmaybe you get to see my little now let’ssee can we get an onion over herenow this is a spurt of about visits of alarge classroom if you’ve seen it beforeso let’s because we get this onion justsliced up only one up here we can justgrill them too right there along withthis steak all right let’s do a loonoil test all right look like it’s readynow I hope you can see this[Music][Music]we’ll get a good sear on thisto get a grill mark you know you haveyou wind up with different shapes of thesite and and I’d like to show you someof them because you can make kabobs orwhatever the shapes that you wind upwith that’s what you can choose to makeyour dish now this was three cups ofSaipan now here’s a shape look at thatonehere’s a small one here’s another pieceand you can freeze them look at thatno need to be hungry no need to gowithout and so we’re gonna set theseaside put all of these will try to usethroughout the week[Music][Music]yeah[Music]remember the good thing about this andthat it’s already three timesone side of rice and seared[Music]I don’t know I like the door let’s flipit over look at thatwant to wipe it offyou know how many of us like to pickpartisans I don’t but some do now therewe are look at this nice deliciousyou’re not speaking on this didn’t takelong so follow with teethenjoy I am

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