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Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Smoked Beef Jerky

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 grill/smoker is a perfect tool for low-temperature smoking. I setup the 1050 to run at 155°F for this 8-hour smoking session on a batch of beef jerky.

I cut up a 3-lb top round roast and marinated it in my jerky cure for about 24 hours. Here’s the recipe for my cure:

½ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp Prague Powder #1
½ tsp ground black pepper
¼ tsp ground coriander
1 ½ tsp sugar
¼ tsp onion powder
½ cup soy sauce

This recipe is for ONE POUND of beef. I tripled this recipe for THIS session. Scale the recipe as needed. You can feel free to omit the Prague Powder #1 pink curing salt if you wish. If you do that you must keep the jerky refrigerated or frozen for storage.


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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m John Setzler welcome backto Atlanta grill company today we’regonna fire up the masterbuilt gravityseries 1050 and we’re gonna work withthat thing at the extreme low end of itscapability we’re gonna run that thing at150 to 160 degrees with some smoke andwe’re gonna smoke some beef jerky solet’s get store[Music][Music]we’re gonna get our jerky projectstarted but the first thing I need to dois make my jerky marinade and I’m goingto give you the quantities for theseingredients in the video descriptionbecause I have this recipe set up whereI use a specific quantity based on thepounds of meat we’re using so we’regonna start out here I’ve just got asmall container I’m gonna add my soysauce and then I’m going to add my progpowder number one which is your pinkcuring salt then we’re gonna add somegarlic powder some onion powder somefreshly ground black peppersome ground coriander and some sugar andthen I’m just gonna mix that up and makesure I don’t have anything lumpy inthere and what I’m gonna do with this isI’m gonna put it in the refrigerator andI’m probably going to get my whisk outafter this to make sure I don’t have anylumps of that powderI want to chill this completely beforewe use it so if you can start this theday before you’re ready to make jerkythat’s perfect okay I’ve got a threepound top round roast here that I’vebought and I put this thing in thefreezer for about 20 minutes to firm itup a little bitmy first slice here against or with thegrain because what I’m gonna do is I’mgoing to turn this and we’re gonna sliceagainst the grain to get our dirtypieces out and then once I have theslices I’m gonna cut those into stripsand once we have all that cut intostrips we need to put it in a containeror in a plastic bag so we can marinateit so I’m gonna load all this into oneof my vacuum seal bag and then we’regonna dump in our cure and marinade thatwe made it’s been in the refrigerator sowhat I’m gonna do now is we’re gonnatake that to the vacuum sealer now thatI’ve got that in the vacuum seal bag I’mjust going to kind of massage it arounda little bit and get it spread out andmake sure that we’ve got marinadecontacting all that meat and you want togive this at least 12 hours in thismarinade I’m gonna give this closer to24 myself and you want that marinade toget plenty of time to do its work onthis beef if you don’t have a vacuumsealer put it in a ziploc bag you canput it in a in a plastic container aplastic bowl or whatever and if you dothat what you’re going to want to do isgrab the bag you know four or five timesduring the time your marinating it andjust mix it around a little bit so itgets good contact so we’re going to putthis away and we’re going to come backtomorrow put this on the smoker okay I’mgetting ready to start up the smokerI’ve actually lit a fire starter put itin there and I’ve loaded up somehardwood lump charcoal in the chimneyI’m gonna toss a few little chunks therein the ash pan to make some smoke andthe next thing I’m going to do is we’regoing to set up to cook way down herelow so let’s just set it that 155 andlet the computer take control and as oursmokers coming up to temperature I wantto show you this jerky I’ve gone aheadand opened up that package and that wasmarinating it in and drained off all ofthe leftover Brian you don’t want to usethat for anything elseI’ve put this on a rack on top of a halfsheet just because I like to catchdrippings whenever possible so about twomore minutes this smoker will be readyand we’re gonna toss these on okay our10 vhe’s up to temp and I’ve got a niceslight smoke roll in there so I’m gonnacrack the lid we’re gonna put this guyI’m gonna put it right on the middlerack you could put it down on the bottomif you want to but we’re gonna closethat up and then we’re gonna set ourtimer and we’re gonna let this go forabout seven hours and I’m gonna use theremote control on the Wi-Fi to run ourtimer so I’m gonna bring that guy up andset it for seven hours and we’ll startthat and that’ll give us an idea howlong we’ve got to go I will come backwhen we’re a couple hours in and I’llopen up the smoker and show you I’ve putan analogue thermometer in there just soyou can see that this thing’s actuallyrunning at around 150 to 160 where weset it so this thing’s fully capable ofrunning that low so we’ll be back in acouple hours to have another look we’vebeen going about 2 hours and 10 minuteshere so let’s take a look in here andhave a look see what’s going on thatstuff’s drying out nicely it’s lookingreally good I got the Sun on there soit’s kind of hard to see that so we’rejust gonna let that keep going and myanalog thermometer down there is readingabout let’s say 160 165 maybe it’sholding really nicely so we will closethis up and just let it keep on goingokay we’re here at about the three hourmark and I’m only gonna do this onceduring this particular smoke I am goingto spray that just once with a littlewater and close it back up and we’re notgoing to touch that again and we won’tlook at this again tool about 6 or 6 anda half hours okay guys we’ve been goingright out seven hours nowand gonna have a look at this this lookspretty good but I think I’m going togive it maybe another half an hour andthen this is going to be perfect allright guys I’ve left the school aboutanother 45 minutes or so and this jerkyis ready so what I’m gonna do I’m gonnatake it off and we’re gonna let itstabilize at room temperature and thenwe’re gonna come back have a taste ofthis it’s gonna be amazing okay folksI’ve let this stabilize at roomtemperature for a couple hours so we’regonna try a little bit of this[Music]oh yeahthat’s got a beautiful chew to it it’sgonna take me a while to chew this upbeautiful flavor this marinade is greatwith the curing salt you can leave thecuring salt out of this marinade do alot of other things with it like skirtsteaks or flank steaks but guys you’regonna have to give this masterbuilt atry at one hundred and fifty or hundredfifty five degrees and give this a shotuntil next time this is John settle withAtlantic grill[Music]

4 Replies to “Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 Smoked Beef Jerky

  1. Good looking stuff, John. I’ve never tried to make jerky, but this is sure making me want to. I just got the MB 560 so I think this would be a nice thing to try. Thanks for some more great motivation!

  2. Good video! Been eyeing the 1050 for a couple weeks now. One concern was being able to do jerky, as my pellet grill makes amazing jerky. Looks like this will be perfect, and with 1050 sq/in I’ll be able to do 3.5 pounds of it!

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