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My first smoked brisket on my Traeger Mesa 22 | My first time ever smoking a brisket | Pellet Grill

This is my first time ever smoking a brisket and I smoked my USDA Prime beef brisket on my Traeger Mesa 22 using a combination of hickory and mesquite wood pellets.
I smoked it for 10 hours total.
I seasoned my brisket with equal parts salt and pepper…1 cup of Kosher salt and 1 cup of ground black pepper.
How I smoked the brisket:
I set my smoker at 225 degrees and put it on the smoker for 6 hours and spraying it with apple juice every hour.
At the 6th hour the brisket temperature stalled at 180 degrees so I wrapped the brisket using Meat Hugger unwaxed butcher paper and turned my Traeger temperature up to 275 degrees and smoked the brisket for 1 hour until the brisket temperature reached 190 degrees…make sure you check the brisket temperature every 30 minutes while trying to raise the brisket temperature up to 190 degrees because it might take less than 1 hour to get to 190 degrees.
Total cook time is now at 7 hours…..and now I drop the Traeger temperature back down to 225 degrees and smoke for another 3 hours giving my total cook time 10 hours.
At the 10th hour I pull the brisket from the smoker and unwrap the brisket.
I then re-wrap the brisket and put it in a cooler for a couple of hours so the brisket can re-absorb the juices.
Then you can unwrap, cut, and eat your tasty brisket.
Make sure you watch my video on how to wrap and re-heat your brisket too.

Original of the video here

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