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One Drop Pesto Grilled Beef Short Ribs

Amazing grilled aged beef short ribs

Beef ribs anyone?

This is grilling season, so it is Prime Time to do some beef ribs all on the grill.

Beef Short Ribs
Ground Oregano
Smoky Chipotle

Season the ribs and let them sit for at least an hr or so.
Heat grill
Put heat on one side to a minimum. Leave the other side at a high temp. Put meat on side with low heat.
We will be using indirect heat to do the ribs. Place ribs on rack for 1 hr to start cooking. You can check on ribs after 1/2 hr to see the progress. After an hr flip the ribs.
Check after 30 mins to see how much longer it needs to cook.

Then it is time to make the Awesome lip licking sauce to paint ribs
Oaks Flaxseed oil
Nerpy’s One Drop All Purpose Green Seasoning (Pesto)
Spicy tomato sauce

Start basting the meat. Make sure the fire is off on that side of the grill. You are trying to avoid caramelization.
In our case the ribs were cooked in about 45 mins after flipping them over.

Total cook time is about 2 hours.

Remove from grill and let them sit to complete cooking process. If you have extra sauce you can add to ribs.

Plate and enjoy…Bon appetit

Hope you like it. Let’s Eat and Enjoy. Nice It up!

All credit to Howard Mellad and Chef V at Tyloaks Distribution and Oaks Kitchen for putting this production together.

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