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Review: Sadler’s Smokehouse Beef Brisket From Walmart – TVWB –

Chris Allingham, publisher of The Virtual Weber Bullet, reviews Sadler’s Smokehouse Beef Brisket purchased at Walmart. Sadler’s is a big player in the brisket biz…how does their product measure up? Watch to find out! Click “SHOW MORE” for links and info.


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Video Transcription

[Music]if Casali an official Weber bullet witha review of Sadler’s smokehouse beefbrisket mesquite smoked precookedand sliced ready to eat you may befamiliar with the name salars but maybeyou don’t know why do you read articleswritten by Daniel Vaughn the barbecueeditor of Texas Monthly Magazine well acouple years ago he wrote an articleabout Sadler’s smokehouse because theywere providing all the brisket for thosebrisket sandwiches at Arby’s nationwidethey were actually having kind of anegative impact on the brisket supplyacross America because Arby’s throughSadler smokehouse in Texas was consumingso much brisket for their featuredsandwiches so this is a product made bySaylor you can get it at Walmart I havefound it in two different flavors andsizes this is the smaller size and it ismesquite smoked it says right here onthe package there’s a larger size whichis like this one is just for referencethis is 1.3 pounds there’s a larger onewhich is like three pounds much longerslice the same way but it is hickorysmoked and I would have preferred tohave tried the hickory smoked versionbut least where I livemesquite is this size and Hickory is themuch longer larger size so this is theone I’m going to be taste testing todayit comes vacuum packed this package as Isaid it was 1.3 pounds it’s 1297 2pounds so this little package is $17 andchange it says to keep it refrigeratedbefore you open it up on the calorieside it’s 260 calories per serving and aserving is 3 ounces as far asingredients goI see beef brisket water salt sodiumphosphates black pepper paprika redpepper garlicexcuse me garlic blend of saltcornstarch and garlic powder so not toobad on the ingredient side of thingshere I remove the label from the packageyou get a closer look at how the brisketlooks inside the package you can seeclearly a smoke ring across the top alittle knob of fat on the left and athin layer of fat across the bottomokay let’s crack this guy open and seewhat we find inside[Applause]and here’s a close-up view of the slicesokay I’ve got a slice I’ve heated it upand they’re like your way of looks looklike a piece of bacon actually but it’snot I’m gonna try it let me show you howtender it is here you know you get asense of the tare test here it’s uh youknow you just slice across the grainit’s a little bit of a stretchy ittastes okay it actually has a you knowcured look a little bit of a cured tasteto it you just go back to theingredients label again herebrisket water salt sodium phosphatesblack pepper paprika red pepper garlicand the salt garlic blend which is saltcorn starch garlic powdermaybe it’s the sodium phosphate so I’llhave to look that up and see if that’swhat actually gives that kind of curedeffect but it does have just a few wordsabout the sodium phosphate I look it uponline it’s not a curing agent but asyou sometimes in processed meat to helpit retain moisture and as you knowbrisket is notorious for drying out asit sits around and as you reheat itmy guess is it’s been added to thisbrisket to help it retain moisture whenyou get it home and every heat it doeshave sort of that redness to it that youassociate with maybe more like cornedbeef rather than regular smoked brisketnow the taste is not rejection of allit’s pretty good one of the big testsfor me is a brisket sandwich so let memake a brisket sandwich and we’ll comeback with some comments about how thatworked out okay back with the brisketsandwich four slices on here a littlebit of barbecue sauce let me check itoutit is bite-through I wasn’t sure it wasgonna beyou know it’s better on sandwiches thanjust by itself I think my criticismthough is that the slices are a littlebit thick I’d like to see them thinneron a brisket sandwich as my preferencethis is kind of a thick slice and it’sthick kind of like thick cut bacon so ifyou like thick brisket on a sandwich youmight like this but I’d like to be alittle bit thinner but I’m not gonnakick it out of bed eitherhey as I’m editing this video I realizedI want to clarify the comment I justmade about the thickness of thesebrisket slicesI like these slices from sadler to bethinner for this sandwich because thebrisket as you saw earlier it didn’t dovery well in the pull test it’s notparticularly tender so when you havetougher brisket you need to slice iteven thinner in order for it to eattender when you make a perfectly cookedbrisket in the backyard and it’s tenderso that it holds together but pullsapart easily you usually cut thatbrisket about I don’t know maybe aquarter of an inch thick maybe a littlebit more when your briskets overdone andit falls apart it’s crumbly you cut itreally thick but when brisket is isundercooked like the sadler brisket isyou need to cut it really thin and thiseighth of an inch slice I think Idescribed it here as being like thickcut bacon it’s too thick given it’s donethis so I’d like to see it slicedprobably half as thick or maybe eventhinner more like a a thinly shavedbrisket I think would serve this producta lot better so let’s wrap up on Statlersmokehouse precooked pre-sliced messysmoked brisket I’m gonna give it ab-minus or a c-plus it’s alright it’snot fabulous but it’s not horrible Ithink there may be a use for this athome if you don’t have the time to makebrisket or you don’t have theinclination or the experience or can’tfind good quality brisket where you liveif you find this a Walmartit may do in a pinch having said that Ithink that with some work and experienceyou can make brisket home that is muchbetter than this particular product wellthat concludes this review of sadlersmokehouse brisket I appreciate youwatching I pushyou very much if you have other thingsyou’d like me to review please sendthose ideas and the email address yousee on the screen and please like andsubscribe to my videos on YouTube Iappreciate that very much it helps otherpeople find my videos so until next timetake care everybody bye bye[Music]

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