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Smoked Beef Back Rib Recipe | How To Smoke Beef Ribs

On this video, I smoked up 3 racks of wagyu beef back ribs from Midland meat Co. I used 3 different rubs and they were all really flavorful. Some were a little salty but I may have added too much rub which would make them salty. Total cook time was 6 hours and the ribs were really tender and flavorful.

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Video Transcription

welcome back to my channel I’m jealoussmoking Joseph is BBQ on today’s videowe’re gonna be smoking up some Wagyubeef back ribs from Midland me companyon my Yoda why 640 failed smoker staytuned see this part it’s crazyalmonds perfect it helps to start with anice sharp knife oh look at thatalright so I’ve got three beautifulWagyu beef back ribs for men let mecompany so thank you mid lemme companyfor providing the ridge for this cookand I also want to thank proud Souls BBQbecause they’re the reason why I gotinvolved with middling me company Chrisand and Dan and Tony got me in touchwith men lemme company so I want tothank you guys for doing that for mebecause it’s turned into a pretty goodrelationship with my middle and makecompany so again beef back ribs theydon’t have a ton of meat on the topthere’s a lot of good meat in betweenthe bones and that’s what we’re gonna becooking up today so I’ve got threedifferent rubs that I’m gonna use I’vegot one from victory lanes they’re beefrub and seasoning the second rub thatI’m gonna use is this one that I haven’tused this one is from uncle Steve shakethis is their thick meat rub I see a lotof people using it so he sent me some totry out and then the third rub that I’musing is this bovine bold from PlowboysBBQ this stuff is really good this isone of my new favorite rubs its reallygood beefy flavor and again the VictoryLane one is my all-time favorite butthis one is moving up really quick okayand I can’t wait to try this one fromuncle Steve shake so I’m gonna try tokeep the ribs in that order victory lanethe uncle Steve shake and then thebovine bolt okay so one two three I’mgonna play some like that on the smokerso I don’t lose track of them so thesurface is a little bit dry now themembranes have been removed from theback of the ribs so I don’t usually useolive oil but in this case because thethe surface is a little bit dry I dowant the rub to stick so I’m using alittle bit of olive oil on both sidesjust to get that rub to stick I wish Ihad some pins or something to when I dothese comparison cooking’s like this Iwish I had some pins to be able to keeptrack of them like with numbers on themor something somebody get it make thosealright so I’m gonna move two of theseracks away okaythe first rub again is from victory laneBBQ this is their beef rub and seasoningand all three rubs I looked at I’mreally close they all have a reallysimilar color you’ll see that here in alittle bit this is the first rack lookat that good amount of pepper I thinkall three rubs have some decent amountof pepper so there’s no doubt they’reall gonna be really tasty but we’ll seehow they compare all right so the secondrack I’m using this uncle Steve shakelet’s do the back first ooh this one’sgot more pepper I like that and I didshake them yeah it’s it’s consistentthat pepper is it’s goodso you can tell that there’s adifference in rub on this one little bitmore black pepper you’ll definitely beable to see it on this side somethylamine company did a really nicejob of trimming these ribs again Ididn’t have to do anything just take himout of the package they come vacuumsealed and pretzels barbecues actuallyopening up a second store believessomewhere by Colorado Springs if not inColorado Springs and they have there onein Denver and you can get this meat fromthem they may not have the ribs but getwith the boys over there I’m surethey’ll be able to order a rack for youor two or three what for look at that sodefinitely more more pepper on thisuncle Steve shake this is their thickmeat okay and the third one I’m gonnakeep in the trade just so I don’t mixthem up but I do want to bring it in thein the picture it’s gonna do the topside I’m sorry this is the bovine Bowlthat was about to put some of thatVictory Lane on there so this is thebovine bold look at that this isdefinitely a richer red color a littlebit less pepper but I got to tell youI’ve cooked plenty of beef product withthis rub and it’s really good reallytasty no one smells good too so I’ve gotmy Yoda pellet smoker set at 180 degreesright now and I’m gonna run it at 180for two hours then I’m gonna crank it upto 250 for an hour and then probably twohours at 275 and now I built a programI’ll show you that program when we getoutside stay tuned alright so I’moutside of my Yoda weighs 640 pelletsmoker I want to show you the programthat I built on the yoader drive programso you guys can see that okay so I builtthe program and I’m gonna run it for twohours at 180 degrees and then 250 forone hour then 275 for one hour then Iprogrammed the smoker to hold thetemperature at 250 okay now I will becoming in to check on the smoker butessentially I don’t have to mess withthis for about five hours okayand so thisgonna give me enough time these will beready by dinner and if am I gonna rap Idon’t know we’ll see what the ribs looklike but I just want to show you thatyou can build a custom program like thisand then you just hit start on theprogram and it starts your program andyou can start the cook so this thesmoker is already up to temperature it’salready up to 180 degrees and it’ll runat 180 again for two hours it’s alreadycounting down okay so I’m gonna go aheadand load my ribs again I’m gonna try tokeep them in the order that we talkedabout inside now keep in mind when youopen a smoker like this your temperaturewill come down a little bit okay sothese are the victory lane ribs here’sthe uncle Steve shape and here’s thebovine bold ribs okay now I will not berotating them or moving them around inthe smoker on the rack but I will bemoving them front to back okay so I willbe just kind of rotating them around butI’m gonna keep them in the same positionI got my damper about half way out sowhy am i smoking 180 degrees you can seethe amount of smoke that you get at 180on this smoker it’s gonna really lay agood flavor of smoke on these ribs sowe’ll see you guys in about two hoursright when the smoker hits 250 staytunedalright so these smokers been running at180 for two hours and they just switchedover let me see this and make that outhere so just switched over to 250degrees for one hour and that’s sure ifyou guys are gonna be able to see thatthe sunlight is just horrible but anywayit just switched over to 250 and it hasbeen running for six minutes now and thetemperature inside the pit is 223 now Ihaven’t opened the pit at all so I’mgonna assume that the surface of theribs gonna be a little bit dry so I’vegot some spritz just in case and againthe the pit is ramping up to 250 rightnow so let’s take a look hereyeah as I imagine the surfaces it’ll dryagain it’s been running at 180 for twohours so I’m just gonna give it a lightspritz just to keep that surface niceand moist it’s a little breezy out hereso I apologize if you’re getting windnoise so they would have it so then thesmoker is gonna wrap up to 250 degreesit’s gonna run there for one hour andthen it’s gonna kick up to 275I believe I set it for one hour as wellyeah 250 for one hour and 275 foranother hour at that point I program thesmoker to hold at 250 at that point I’mgonna come back and check the ribs andsee if I’m gonna rap or not I’ll get aninternal temperature and check fortenderness so stay tuned alright so forhours and the program again hasdefaulted and holding it to 50 like Iprogrammed it to oh man look at that soI haven’t opened it in a couple of hoursI’m gonna go ahead spritz so the surfacedoes look a little dry and I’m gonna goahead and check for tenderness andtemperature I’m at a hundred and seventyeight degrees189 in the back183 199 okay so they are proven kind oftender I don’t know let me see I thinkI’m gonna go ahead and wrap in butcherpaper because I don’t want to lose thatbark so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap andbutcher paper and this is the time whenI wrap I’m gonna go ahead and rotate theribs a little bit okay so again we’resitting at about 185 average I’m gonnalet it go at 275 I’m gonna go ahead andincrease the temperature to 275 let himgo for another hour wrapped in butcherpaper so at that point we’ll see youguys inside stay tuned I saw our beefback ribs already let’s check them outhere I want to take them out in order ofthe rubs and they smell amazingso here the Victory Lane ribs and thesenext ones are the uncle Steve’s shakethe thick meat I think he calls it andthese are gonna be so goodand then the last one is this Plowboysbovine Bowl rub the butcher paper likeis saturated with fat okay so that’swhat they look like there I want to takeone rib off of each rack just a triumphlet’s do that one this is the uncleSteve’s shake there you go and thenhere’s the bovine bold I got to tell youall three of them look amazingthe bark did hold together obviouslyusing that butcher paper so you can seethem there again this is the victorylane right here this is the uncleSteve’s and then this is the bovine boldright here the last one so let’s givethem a taste stay tunedalright so I’ve got the ribs cut up nowlet’s give them a taste I don’t knowwhich one I want to start with I thinkI’m gonna start with the bovine bold I’mgonna try to get a meaty one again thesebeef back ribs all have a lot of meatbut the meat is in between the ribs sohere we go this is a bovine bold mmmgood smoke ring that’s good middle saltyI pick up a lot of salt but a good beefflavor that’s good now the uncle Steveshake I’ve never tried this one I nevereven tried out of the bottle so let’scheck it out was a good meaty oneall right that’s got a good beefy flavoryou can see the smoke ring on these ribslook at that good beefy flavor I got totell you still may be a knight as saltyas a bovine bold but still a little bitsaltier now I’m gonna try the VictoryLane rub told trusty there we golook at that mmm right out of the gateit’s not as salty good flavorall three of them are really really goodI gotta tell you I do have some VictoryLane gold dust that’s got some brownsugar in it I think to counter these thesaltiness from these two racks I bet ifI sprinkled some of that Victory LaneGoldust over these ribs to kind of countthat saltiness these would be perfect infact I might still do that after Ifinish this video but these are thebovine bold is – for some reason I’vehad it before and I really loved it butmaybe I applied too much on the rib butit’s really salty okay the the uncleSteve Shake is really good again it’s anew rep for me it’s not as salty as abovine bold good beefy flavor so I’mreally happy with it I know that youguys want me probably to to grade theseribs on a scale from one to three I’mgoing to the victory lane and not justbecause you know I represent VictoryLane but it’s just not as salty reallygood flavor all three of them havereally good flavor but I think the saltnow for the saltiness of these rubs iskind of a deal breaker for mebut they’re really good I wouldn’t turndown any of these ribs okay that’s justmy taste you guys might like salt alittle bit more than me but really goodflavor from all three racks I got totell you I’m really happy with theseribs that YS 640 did an amazing jobon smoking these ribs again total sixhours smoking again I started180 for two hours and ended up with thisproduct so one last thing if you guyswant to get a nice custom chopping boardlike this check out Haley home comm I’mgonna leave a link in the descriptionbox click on that link you’ll get adiscount these ports are not asexpensive as you would think so thanksfor watching until next timeJoe smokin Joe’s pit barbecue see ya

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