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Smoked Beef Ribs | BBQ DAD JODY

Don’t try and get these ribs at the store because they probably don’t have them. These are beef plate ribs and these things are huge! Dino ribs, Flintstone ribs, whatever you call them they are delicious. I cook them just like my brisket, 250°F until probe tender. Easy peezy, lemon squeezy! Use a basic rub because you don’t want to overpower the beefiness.

Smoked Beef Ribs | BBQ DAD JODY

1 slab Beef Ribs
4 tbsp. Ben’s Heffer Dust
1 tbsp. Mustard

1. Burning the Classic pellets from Kingsford, pre-heat recteq to 250°F.
2. Remove membrane from bone side of ribs.
3. Evenly coat with mustard and season heavily with Ben’s rub.
4. Smoke in recteq for 6 hours or until probe tender. Internal temperature will be 210°F+

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