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Smoked Chuck Roast For BBQ Beef & Bacon Sandwiches

BBQ Beef Sandwiches are a favorite of mine. In this video I smoke a Chuck Roast on the Weber Kettle using a new accessory called the Smoke Plate, and use the finished product, along with some grilled bacon and homemade BBQ sauce, to build some delicious BBQ Beef & Bacon Sandwiches.

Rub Ingredients

1 TBSP Granulated Garlic
1 TBSP Cracked Black Pepper
1 TBSP Paprika
2 tsp Kosher Salt
½ tsp Chile Powder
½ tsp Cumin

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Video Transcription

it’s time for a really good barbecuedbeef sandwich today so what I’m gonna bedoing is smoking up a chuck roast tomake some barbecue beef and baconsandwiches[Music]first step we got to get our rub readyfor this chuck roast very simple rub I’musing six ingredients a lot of the timesI don’t like to use more than five butthis one needs that one extra littlekick so we’re starting with a tablespoonof granulated garlic a tablespoon ofpaprika and it really doesn’t matterwhat kind if you want a smoky flavor usesmoked paprika if you don’t use sweetthis is just a regular store-boughtpaprika yes you can just use plain stuffand rubs I have a tablespoon of crackedblack pepper half a teaspoon of a darkchili powder two teaspoons of koshersalt and our final ingredient is half ateaspoon of cumin the reason this isgoing in is because the sauce we’regonna be using to make these barbecuedbeef sandwiches is a pretty sweet sauceand I want a little bit more of thatsort of southwestern hint in here withthe cumin it’s gonna get our lid on mixit up that’s what we’re looking forlet’s get the chuck roast out here sowhat we’re working with today is about atwo and a half pound USDA choiceboneless chuck roast it starts seasoningthis up they get a very good coating onthisthere’s a pretty thick one too so wewant to make sure we get the edgessometimes chuck roast they really aren’tyou know this two inch thick sort ofthing you can get them like an inch inchand a half thick if you can get thethicker ones like this though grab them[Music]and if any of you have any good recipesthat you like for barbecue beef usingchuck roast or any other cut drop themin the comments below I’d like to seethem and I know other people do toopeople are always asking for recipeslet’s share some and as I’ve mentionedbefore I generally don’t use binders ifthe meat has enough moisture to hold therub and this does so this is ready nowthis is gonna go in a bag in therefrigerator I’m gonna leave it in thereovernight you don’t have to I wouldleave it in at least a couple hours justto sort of absorb some of this rub butI’ve got the time so tomorrow we’regonna take this out of the refrigeratorand we’re gonna take it out to the WeberKettle and smoke it up so we can havethese barbecued beef and baconsandwiches so our Chuck gross has beenin the refrigerator overnight with thatgreat rub on it and we’re gonna begetting it on the kettle in just a fewminutes but first I want to show yousomething that I’m trying out on thekettle today it’s a new product and it’skind of interesting I’m not quite surehow it’s gonna work but I’m gonna giveit a go today with this chuck roast solet me show you what it is it’s calledthe smoke plate and it’s kind of adivider you know similar to somethinglike slow and sear and it’s a one pieceunit that fits in a specific location inthe kettle so it lifts out like thisgoes back in on one side you put thecharcoal and then the other side becomesthe indirect zone one of the thingsthat’s interesting about it is that twosections of the vents on this type ofweber kettle sit underneath where thecharcoal is and one is on the indirectside so you see you can open and closenow their instructions say you know youcan set it to half 1/3 2/3 whatever fordifferent temperaturesleave it fully open but what they alsosay is you close the lid vents fully soyou don’t have any lid vents open at allI even contacted them and asked them ifthey were sure about this and they saidtheir testings shown that that works butif you want to use the lid vent you canit’s totally up to you so I’m gonna playaround with it today and see how itworks and I’m gonna start with my ventsfully open on this and as you’ll noticeyou have to remove the lower charcoalgrate for this to work so there’s nogreat place for a drip pan so they justrecommend you take sort of a medium foilpan put it in like that and that’s whatI’m gonna do today and I’m gonna beusing about 65 charcoal briquettes todayI actually counted them out[Music]now it seems like you could dump a fullload of lit charcoal in here and you’dhave a really hot fire or you can usewhat they refer to as the snake methodwhich is just like it is and the slowones here or something like that youhave one side ignited and it burns itsway across slowly so I’m going to goahead and light one side of thischarcoal[Music]now if I wanted to I can add some waterto this drip pan here but I don’t needany moisture with this chuck roast todayI’ll be spritzing it if I need to let’sgo ahead and get our cooking grates off[Music]youall right we’re gonna let the cattlecome up to temp and then we’ll get ourchuck roast out here and get it onall right the kettle is up to temp herewe’re gonna go ahead and get our chuckroast onget my internal temperature probe inhere I’m gonna put a piece of hickoryhere for some smoke today[Music]we’re gonna go ahead and get our lid onget smokin so the kettle temp I’mshooting for today is somewhere aroundtwo hundred and fifty degrees using thissmoke plate system for the first timeI’m not sure where it’s going to end upI’m gonna have to sort of play with thevents a little bit to get used to itI did decide to leave the lid vent abouta third openI just want there to be a little moreairflow I may adjust that down as theday goes onnow we’re gonna be taking this chuckroast to tenderness that’s somewhere inthe 200 degree range after about twohours I’m gonna check it see how it’sdoing we’ll look at it and see if weneed to spritz it if it’s getting toodry but when we hit about a hundred andsixty internal somewhere around thestall range we’re gonna go ahead we’regonna put it in a foil pan with someliquid will cover that tightly and we’lllet it finish to the tenderness that wewant so I’ll see you back here in acouple hoursall right we are about two hours in andas you can see we have an internaltemperature of 136 degrees and a Keteltemp of 280 I’ve had a little bit of achallenge here trying to get this downto that 250 range in the instructions itmentions to use maybe 50 to 60 I have itbetween 60 and 70 so might have gone alittle bit over there but top VIN isfully closed bottom vents at one thirdand I mean it’s rockin you know a 279right now so if you’re looking for that275 range with this number of briquettesit holds it really well well let’s goahead and have a look here see if weneed to spritz and how we’re doing[Music]really good color on their alreadydeveloping but I can see it’s actually alittle dry we have pocket of moisturethere I’m gonna do a couple things hereI’m gonna spritz this with a mixture ofwater and apple juice it’s a 50-50mixture and then I’m actually going toturn it that’s not something I usuallydo but I’ll explain why in a minutego ahead and turn this over so one ofthe reasons I’m doing this if you cansee in the smoke plate there there is apretty large you know logo that’slaser-cut through there and that’sallowing heat to go directly through andunderneath so there’s really not acomplete full stop barrier between thecoal side and the indirect side so Ithink there is getting some heatunderneath on the bottom side of thatChuck row so that’s why I want to turnit not saying that’s a bad thing thereare applications where you’d want thatbut here I just want to make sure thatI’m not getting too much heat on oneside of this the top has beautiful coloras you saw and I’m also gonna spray thisside I’m also going to add another pieceof hickory here alright we’re gonna getthe lid back on keep smoking and when wehit 160 we’re gonna put this in a foilpan with some liquid let it finish upall right we are just at about 116 asyou can see the kettle temp is sort ofstabilized in the mid to 60s and that iswith the recommended smoke platesettings of the bottom vent at about 1/3and the top event closed so I think Iwould be right around that 250 range ifI had used fewer briquettes maybe in the50 to 60 range versus 60 to 70 so thedirections do seem to work alright let’sgo ahead and get our lid off and getthis chuck roast into a foil pan getsome liquid in it get it covered getback on really really good color on this[Music]I’m actually just gonna unplug mytemperature probe wire from the thermalworks smoke because I’m gonna leave theprobe in where it is we’re gonna workaround that in the foil pan I’m justgonna put a little bit of liquid in hereand all this is is the same spritzingliquid 50/50 water – apple juice[Music]not very much we’re gonna seal this upwith a single airfoil let’s get thisback on the kettleI changed the food temperature alarm onthe thermal worked smoke to 200 degreesso when I hit that I’ll know and we’llbe checking that for tenderness rightaround that point let’s get the lid backon and finish this up I’ll see you backhere when we hit about 200 degreesinternal all right we just hit 200internal let’s go ahead and give ourchuck roast a check[Music]my temperature probe out of herelet’s check this for tenderness oh yeahthat is feeling pretty darn tender thereyeah double checking temperatures therethat one’s showing 200 208 over here soyeah this chuck roast is ready we’regonna let it rest for about an hour andin a while we’re gonna get our baconready right out here on the grill nowwe’re gonna cook up some bacon directlyon the grillindirect maybe you let it pick up someof that leftover hickory smokewe’re gonna get our lid on we’ll checkit in about four or five minutes it’stime to give our bacon a turn rememberhow do I like my bacon a FS acceptablefloppy state[Music]get the lid back on we’ll check thisagain in about five minutesso I gave the bacon another turn abouttwo minutes ago let’s have a look andjust kind of guesstimate how much longerit’s gonna be that’s looking andsmelling great all right I’m gonna letthis go probably five seven more minutesand then we’re gonna get it off get itinside and start building our barbecuebeef and bacon sandwiches all right hereis our finished chuck roast it has beenresting for actually about an hour and15 minutes it’s still you know warm tothe touch I think we’re probably in thehundred degree range right now but I’vegot to decide do I want to pull it or doI want to slice it and I think I’m gonnaslice it I want some barbecue beefsandwicheswith that bacon that are slices so let’sjust get into this I’m just gonna gostraight down the middle first oh nicethat is nice and juicy in there chuckroast sometimes will not come out asjuicy as you want it really does help tohave some liquid in there in that sortof last phase if you wrap it up in aphoto pan or just in foil it just sortof helps obviously also the fat contentin the chuck roast does help this was achoiceso it does have a little bit more fatthan say a select if you’re dealing witha primer wag you you’re really gonnahave some good juice in there so let’sgo ahead and make some slices herethat we’re gonna use to build oursandwiches we have a nice little smokering there – should I steal a taste yeahI’m gonna steal a tastewell that’s good looking good all rightI’m gonna finish slicing this up andthen we’re gonna come back and we’regonna build our barbecue beef and baconsandwich so I’m going to be using anonion bun today to build this barbecuebeef and bacon burger so we’ve got anice little toasted onion bun therewe’re just gonna start laying in some ofour chuck roast[Music]but as much as you want on there I liketo stack it about too highnext comes barbecue sauce now a lot ofpeople will just take these slices anddip them in they’re getting reallysloppy nothing wrong with that I justwant to drizzle mine on and this is ahomemade Dr Pepper barbecue sauce I madethis for another video a few days agoand I’ll put a link to that video in thedescription below and up here in thecorner so you can check that out supereasy to make and a nice sweet kind oftangy barbecue sauce you get a goodamount on here next comes some af-sbacon susceptable floppy state i’ll putabout 3 1/2 pieces on there and thenfinal ingredient because i don’t want togo over the top on this is pickles justa few pickles here i think when you havesuch great beef flavor like that youdon’t need to add a lot of stuff youwant a little bit but heck it’s reallyup to you you want to pile on more stuffhere cheese coleslaw anything you wantgo for it this is a sandwich that youcan make your own finally top of our bunit’s ready it’s time to taste so here wegobarbecue beef and bacon sandwich I’vebeen looking forward to this for a fewhours now so let’s see oh really goodmmm the total thing is such a nice mixof flavors you have that little bit of aspice from the rub on the chuck roastyou know the sweetness of the barbecuesauce you have that nice bite of thepickle and the bacon come on it’s baconand onion on the onion bun all theselayers here work really well togethertender and juicy chuck roast took aboutfive hoursI find that Chuck roasts usually takessomewhere between you know four and ahalf and six hours at this size some ofthe bigger ones take a little bit longerand this one actually turned out exactlythe way I like it still juicy inside alittle bit of a smoke ring nice color onthe outside not really developing toomuch of a bark there but I can’tcomplain about the flavor or anythingabout this now as for the smoke plate Iwas testing I think if I had dialed itin a little bit sooner and really justkept that lid vent closed Iwe could get about six hours of cooktime out of it that’s close to the slowand sear the slowest here I can usuallyget around seven hours at that 250 to275 range so I probably should have justfollowed the instructions what they saidkeep that lid vent closedit just sounds counterintuitive to mebut it did work and it does work also Ithink I should have kept fewerbriquettes in there as I mentionedstarted out with the lower end you canalways add more and I think I would havebeen able to keep it really right aroundthat 250 as it was once it was dialed init was more in the 265 270 range butnothing wrong with that it cookedperfectly the only two things I’d liketo see with that the smoke plate is thatlaser-cut logo that opens up sort of apassageway between the direct grillingside and the indirect grilling side I’dlike to see that smaller I think it doesmaybe allow just a little too much heatthrough it’s not a deal breaker but I’dlike to see it smaller so that youreally have a true indirect side and atrue direct side and you’re not sort ofbleeding some of that direct heatthrough that laser-cut logo on to theindirect side to come up under the foodthe other thing I’d like to see are alittle bit more detailed instructionsI’ve mentioned this before when I’vetried products that people have sent meand I like clear instructions thatreally tell you everything upfront andin the instructions what I’d like to seeis a little bit more descriptive noughsin the way that they want you to lightthe charcoal and use the charcoal theyjust mentioned basically the snakemethod and other and really I’d like tosee them talk about hey you know you’relighting it at one side it’s gonna burnabout this long with this many callswhen your vents are at this setting justa sort of a general guide I always likemore information because you never knowwhen someone buys something like this orgets it as a gift how much experiencethey have grilling or smoking they mayhave very little so instructions do helpthere but all in all it’s a it’s a niceunit and it is super solidly built Imean it’s a quality build I believe it’sbuilt here in the US in Orange Countywhere I live the company is based inOrange County they contacted me andasked if they could send me this thanthey did so I’ll put a link down belowto their Amazon listing I looked and Idon’t think they have a website to checkso you can go to the Amazon listing andcheck that out if you want but yeah it’san interesting unit it’s it’sinteresting in the way that they decidedto set it up where you removethe charcoal great and this just goesstraight down to the bottom of thekettle and kind of really seals anindirect and a direct side but back tothe sandwich for another bite becauseman this is good oh so what is there tosay it’s chuck roast it’s bacon it’s agreat barbecue sauce a bun some picklesthis is one of the most satisfying andflavorful barbeque sandwiches you canmake simple chuck roast is easy to getturns out fantastic I’m really likingthis

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