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Smoked Wagyu Beef Chuck Ribs | Smoked Beef Ribs Recipe

Smoked Beef Ribs Recipe.

We had some awesome weather this weekend and I decided to smoke Beef Ribs that I bought from Crowd Cow. These are Wagyu Beef Chuck Short Ribs and they had a ton of intramuscular fat in them which helps to baste the smoked beef ribs from the inside out. This makes them extra tender and they also tend to cook faster in the smoker.
We used the Pit Boss Vertical pellet smoker but any kind of smoker will do. You just want to make sure you are using indirect heat and have the smoker set to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. I used a simple salt, pepper and garlic seasoning for the rub and used some Worcestershire sauce as a binder.
The smoked Beef Ribs cooked for a total of 5 hours. 3 hours in the smoke, 2 hours in the foil. I came out and spritzed them with water at the 1.5 hour mark and then again at the 2.5 hour mark.

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Video Transcription

hey what do you say my fellow weekendwarriors today we’re smoking up someWagyu beef short Chuck ribsI bought these from crowd cow com $25off your first order look down in thecomments I’ve got a link for you andwe’re gonna be smoking these today onour pit boss vertical pellet smoker I’musing the whiskey blend pellets thoseare really good on beef and I’ve got thesmoker set to 225 degrees Fahrenheitwe’re gonna let these go low and slowI’ve got all dayjust going to enjoy the nice weatherhere on the weekend and so let’s getinto these beef Wagyu short ribs thisrack of beef short ribs is about 2.8eight pounds I take this out and rightaway you can tell look at all that extraintramuscular fat nice marbling allthroughout this not a whole lot of fatfor me to trim off of here which I likespecially when you pay a lot of moneyfor these and so with that we’re justgoing to take a little bit of this fathere off the top reason being is I wantthe rub I put on to make good contactwith the beef I’m just going for alittle backyard trim here try to getjust the fat a little piece of meatthere’s not going to hurtjust come back this way it helps if youhave a really sharp knife come back andmake another cut like thiswe goand then I’ll take a little bit of thisoff right here it’s good that I can seeit from the side kind of how deep itgoes so just kind of follow that lineand that is really hard fat so probablymost of that was not gonna render I cancome down right here on an angle therewe gookay that’s all the trimming I’m gonnado on this this backside I’m just gonnaleave it alone we don’t need to trimanything back there and today before Iput my rub on I am gonna use a binder sowe’re gonna use some of this what’s thishere sauce in my opinion it does addsome flavor it’s also gonna help withthat darker bark that we like to get onour beef just drizzle that on rub it inwe’ll get both sidesand for these expensive cuts I don’tlike to go with a real strong rub sowe’re just gonna go with the savory saltpepper garlic you can make your own Ihappen to be using killer hogs todayjust give that a little dose pat it inlet that rub absorb in and that’s goingto turn our rub nice and dark get theedges and now we can get the topsideyeah that’s looking good and I’m gonnalet this rest out here on the counterfor about 10-15 minutes while the smokerstarts to heat up we’ll just give allthose flavors some time to marrytogether let the ribs kind of get themeat sweats and then it’ll be ready forsome smoke and speaking of smoke thisbaby’s rolling let’s get them in thereget this door open I’m going right hereat the center rack level right next tothe latch my water pan is full of waterand I’m gonna put these in so that themeteor side goes towards the back solike thisthe back of the smoker is hotter thanthe front so that’s why I did thatlet’s get this door closed and the gameplan today low and slow225 degrees Fahrenheit I don’t reallyconcern myself too much with thetemperature of the meat but as a roughguideline somewhere around 160 165degrees is where the bark starts to setto where I like it and then I’ll decideif I’m gonna wrap them up or just letthem roll in the smoke and as usualwe’ll come back about once an hour toshow you guys how it’s looking all rightwe just hit about the 1 and a half hourmark let’s get this guy openwe’re not gonna check temperature rightnow we’re just gonna look see how theseare doing here niceokay so our rub has completely dried outwhich tells me I want to spritz so I’mjust going to use some warm water andwe’re just going to rehydrate all thoseseasonings help build up a nice crustherea little tiny bit of pull back on thebones but not much so we’re gonna putthis back in close it up we’ll let it gofor another hour or so come back and seehow they look it smells good though andwe just hit the three hour mark let’sget this door open and see how we’redoing theresmells incrediblelook at that nice color that’s the exactcolor I’m going for they rotate it soyou can see the sidenice pullback on the bones I’m reallyhappy with that color I don’t think Iwanted to get any darker than thatbut just for giggleslet’s get a temperature check see whereit’s at my thickest partand wouldn’t you know it 166 so afterthree hours we’re 166 degrees Fahrenheitand I’m ready to wrap these up and somefoils so let’s do that and I’m usingfoil instead of the butcher paper thistime we’ll just see if it makes that bigof a difference this foil is going tohelp tenderize them and before I wrapthem we’ll just go a little one lastspritz of water and then we’ll just dothis carefully so the bones don’t popthrough I’m not gonna go that tight it’sgonna make a little pouch so they steamaway and so at this point we’re gonnaput them back in the smoker we’re gonnakeep it at 225 degrees Fahrenheit andthey’re gonna go until their probetender that might be 200 degrees thatmight be 200 five degrees we’ll checkthem as they go and the next time yousee these they’ll be coming out of thefoil ready to slice and take a bite allright our beef chuck ribs are done threehours in the smoke at 225 degreesFahrenheit another two hours wrapped inthe foil we just put down a simple saltpepper garlic rub a little bit ofWorcestershire sauce to darken that up alittle bit let it cook until it wasprobe tender now we’re ready to cut itup and see how it looks you can see herewhat happens with the bones you get allthat pull back and then you get leftwith this really awesome just nugget ofbeef this is like a mini brisket herethese bones should really just pullright out nice and clean and that’s whatI’m gonna do we’ll just pull these outreal quick and then we’ll cut this upinto some slices like a brisket justtake a look at that underside and I’lljust cut this a little bit of skin offand then you’re gonna get yourself thesharpest knife you have and we’ll juststart carving through this look at thatthat is really really juicy I canalready see an awesome smoke ringand when that knife is just goingthrough like butter you know you did itright it’s all cut up so let’s get alook and see how we didawesome smoke ring for only three hoursof smoke that bark is perfect its pullapart tender look at that let me get abite here we go nice little tendernugget of Wagyu Chuck short ribs it’slike a mini brisket let’s try it out mmmreally juicy really tender it only tookfive hoursthat is top-notch stuff remember I’vegot a $25 discount code for you in thecomments on your first order and hey ifyou guys liked this videocheck out one of those two right thereand I’ll see you over there

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