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Texas Style BBQ Beef Ribs – Easiest Recipe Ever!

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Texas Style Beef Plate Ribs are on the agenda and BBQ doesn’t get any easier than this. When you want to do something easy, fairly quickly, and with a huge chance of success these Barbecue Beef Ribs can’t be beat. This is the easiest recipe ever.

West Texas Rub Judge’s Choice Beef and Brisket Rub makes it so easy to get a great bark and excellent flavor on these plate ribs so go check them out at:

1) smoker should be preheated to 275° to 300° F
2) sprinkle the rub all over the meat and let it sweat for 30 minutes to an hour
3) put ribs in the smoker
4) smoke until probe tender and around 200° to 205° F
5) rest until 140° F
6) serve and enjoy

Texas Sized Beef Ribs AKA Dino Ribs AKA Giant Beef Ribs AKA Plate Ribs AKA Texas BBQ Beef Plate Ribs AKA Beef Chuck Plate Ribs

Ribs, ribs, and more ribs. Enjoy.

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