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Weber Kettle Smoked Brisket | Beginners Guide!

In this video, we are doing a @Weber Grills Kettle Smoked Brisket! This is a complete beginners guide from start to finish! I’ll show you everything from trimming the brisket, setting up the Weber Kettle and everything up to slicing it!

Just a couple of things I didn’t mention in the video (there’s so much to brisket, I always forget something!). Briskets can feel ready and be probing nicely anywhere from 195F internal all the way up to 215F. I’ve had them ready at both ends of the scale, it just depends on the brisket, how thick it is, the fat content and many other variables! So go by feel and probe tenderness. You want to be feeling no resistance when probing around and removing your probe/skewer! Also, as stated in the video, let your brisket rest. This will allow all the juices to settle back evenly through the whole brisket, resulting in nice, juicy full slices of brisket!

I always get my brisket on earlier than I think, you never know how long a brisket is going to stall for, sometimes they barely stall, sometimes they can for hours. My tip is, don’t fight the stall, that’s when the magic is happening and the muscle is starting to break down and become tender. If your brisket ends up being done earlier than you think, wrap it up in foil or butchers paper, then wrap a towel around it (use an old towel) and then rest it in an esky. If you pre-warm the esky with sealed containers of boiling water, your brisket will stay hot for 6-7+ hours!

Also, you want to slice against the grain, so the flat is pretty straight forward, you’ll be able to see the grain on the brisket before you season it, however you’ll need to rotate the point end 90 degrees when you slice it as the grain changes when you get deep into the point.

I really hope this video helps anyone looking to use their Weber kettle for a long smoke, or if you are trying brisket for the first time or have had troubles in the past.
The snake method shown in this video is also perfect for other long smokes like beef ribs, pulled pork, pulled beef or anything else low n slow that will take 8+ hours.

Shoutout to @WeberBBQAusNZ!

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