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Weekday smoked brisket on the Traeger pellet grill Uncle Steve’s Shake

Lets make a brisket during a weekday you say? Sure! I’ll show you how we did it and I think its the best way, and with a smoked brisket recipe on a pellet smoker like the Traeger grill, Uncle Steve’s Shake and some simple steps its really easy! This isn’t how to cook BBQ or how to cook Texas brisket mind you, and we use the California Crutch to get some extra smoke in there, it comes out really juicy! Oh, did I mention I injected with KOSMOS Q beef injection for some kosmos q brisket?
During the cook I used a FireBoard cloud connected thermometer and for instant gratification for instant read thermometer and the “peanut butter” test, I used the ThermoPro TP19. is the link to get your own, this one is mine!
Oh man! It was awesome!

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