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🍁 Our DIVINE Montréal style POUTINE with Portuguese Grilled Chicken | CANADA’s most famous dish 🧀🔥🍗

This week we are sharing our twist on the Montréal POUTINE, Canada’s MOST FAMOUS DISH!

During our visit in Montréal this Summer, we had “The Best Poutine” at “Ma Poule Mouillée”, a Portuguese Grilled Chicken Restaurant and we are proud to share our twist on the dish.

Chef Sha is showing you how to make your Gravy from scratch, make your homemade Fries and grill the Chicken to juicy perfection. Stay tuned for Chef Sha’s Top Tip for extra cheesy goodness!

Watch until the end for a sneak peak of our upcoming Montréal Food Tour 😎
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Happy Sunday everyone!! 💜 . Recently we have been loving all those fresh and local FRUITS and VEGETABLES from the Farmer's Market. This week we are featuring beautiful Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms, Burrata Cheese and fresh Herbs from our Garden in a mouthwatering Handmade Pasta dish!!🍄🧀🌱 . Follow Chef Sha around to see how easy it is. Find all ingredients in the video 🎥 . Don't forget to save and share this video for your next carb cravings and follow us @shaandju for new weekly Recipe, Food and Travel content 😊 . ▶ This is the Cuisinart mixer used in the video: 5.2l Cuisinart Mixer red*: . ▶ This is Chef Sha's new Santoku knife: Fusion Classic 7' Santoku knife: . ▶ Watch the full Unboxing video of Chef Sha's new knives from @houseofknives: . DISCLAIMER: All the links that have a * next to them, are Affiliate Links. What that means is that if you make a purchase through them, we get a small commission for the referral. You as the customer are not affected by this and the price will be the same. . @cuisinart @cuisinartcanada @the_pasta_dudes @houseofknives @italiancentreshop #shaandju #chefshastoptips #pastalover #pastamaking #pastafresca #freshpasta #handmadewithlove #homemade #freshfood #freshveggies #chanterelle #italiancentreshop #mushroomsofinstagram #cuisinart #houseofknives #igtv #newigtv #newvideo #newrecipe #recipevideo #recipeoftheday #recipeshare #feedfeed #discoverunder1k #foodblog #foodblogger #yegfoodie #yegchef #yegblogger #yegblog

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Ma Poule Mouillée Restaurant in Montréal:


Video chapters:
0:00 Intro
00:18 Facts about Poutine and why ours is different
02:18 Overview of Ingredients
03:34 Preparation of the Gravy
05:56 BBQing of the Chicken
06:27 Baking of the Fries
12:37 Assembling of dish
15:07 Tasting of dish
17:45 Outro

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MONTRÉAL POUTINE with Portuguese Grilled Chicken
Prep time: 30 min.
Waiting time: min. 1 hour of Marinating
Cooking time: 1 hour

Ingredients for 2 portions:
– 300g Potatoes
– 300g Sweet potatoes
– 100g Oka cheese
– 100g Smoked mozzarella
– 5g Fresh oregano
– 3tbsp Cornstarch
– 5g Fresh thyme
– 1pc Chicken Bouillon
– ½ Onion
– 300g Chicken bones
– 1.5l Water
– 250ml Ma Poule Mouillée Sauce
– 110ml Olive oil
– Salt & Pepper to taste

Ingredients for Chicken Marinade:
– 2 bone-in Chicken breasts
– Salt and Pepper to taste
– 1tbsp Paprika powder
– Juice of 1 lemon
– 1 Twig of Thyme
– 1tbsp Garlic powder
– 1tbsp Chili flakes

Equipment and Tools:
– Small pot
– Baking sheets
– Chopping board
– Small and big knife
– Big strainer
– Tongs
– BBQ if possible

1. Marinade the Chicken with Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Lemon juice, Thyme, Garlic powder and Chili flakes and let it absorb for at least 1 hour.
2. To start the Gravy, heat up the Chicken bones in a pot. Mix them constantly once sizzling until they are brown and crispy. Then add the Onions, Thyme, Oregano and the Chicken bouillon. Let cook until brown. Season with Salt and Pepper and add the Water.
3. Bring it back to a boil and then turn down the heat and let simmer.
4. Wash, peel and cut up the Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes and let them soak in a bowl of water. Drain then and place them onto baking sheets in a single layer. Pre-heat the oven at 380° Fahrenheit. Drizzle Olive oil on top and place them into the oven for initial 20 min.
5. In the meantime, grill the Chicken on the BBQ following video instructions. During that process the Ma Poule Mouillée Sauce will come into play.
6. Filter the Gravy through a strainer, bring it back to a boil and add the Corn starch. Let simmer until Gravy consistency is reached. Season with Salt and Pepper and keep warm until plating.
7. After 20 min., flip the fries and let them bake for another 15 min.
8. Once the Chicken is beautifully cooked, let it cool down and then break it up into bite sized pieces.
9. Once the fries are ready, toss them in Salt and Pepper.
10. Assemble everything following video instructions and melt the Cheese with Chef Sha’s Top Tip! VOILÀ! ENJOY!


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Thank you so much for watching, “Tschüss” and until next time!

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