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After School Snacks for Kids – BBQ Chicken Nuggets

This video is about how to make yummy after School Snacks for Kids of all ages – BBQ Chicken Nuggets. This is a delicious snack for children and can be cooked under 30 minutes. This is also a great idea for kids tiffin or lunch box

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Video Transcription

all these amigos welcome back to mychannel and did you guys boom today I’mcoming at you with another brand newrecipe for little kids children have youalways craved those big deliciousMcDonald’s chicken nuggets well you’vecome to the right place at the righttime today I’m gonna be making chickennuggets but with my own twist adding alittle barbecue sauce so it’s gonnataste delicious if you want to see morerecipes stick around[Music]in order to make this finger-lickingabsolutely delicious recipe we need justthree simple ingredients over here wehave sliced chicken breasts barbecuesauce as well as some bread crumbs anddon’t worry these will be bait notfrightened so feel free to eat as muchas you want to make this dish I’m goingto take your chicken breasts dip it intothe barbecue sauce roll it inside thebread crumbs and lay it flat on thetrail[Music]do I have my six pieces of chicken readyto put in the grill at 203 Celsius for15 minutes then I’m going to take itback out coat it again with anotherlayer of barbecue sauce then put it backin for another 10 minutes chickennuggets in my cooking buddy check thechicken is now out of the oven and I’mgoing to coat it with barbecue sauce andmake sure you put it on both sides afterall it is vbq chicken the coating is nowcomplete and it’s time to put it in theoven again for 10 minutes chickennuggets in you go[Music]as neon Oh our favorite part of cookingis eating what we made so I’m going totaste absolutely deliciousisn’t this a great snack for kids whenthey come home don’t you think so wellif you do then hit that like button alsodon’t forget to subscribe to my channellike comment and share with your friendstill thenSangha and YouTube guys[Music]

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