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BBQ Baked Lemon Honey Chicken Wings Recipe 烤柠檬蜜汁鸡翼

This is a Simple & Easy Dishes to do at home – BBQ Baked Lemon Honey Chicken Wings Recipe。
This sweet and sour dish can be served either as dinner over rice or a light appetizer/snack. These easy to make pan seared Honey Lemon Chicken Wings 烤柠檬蜜汁鸡翼 will not disappoint with its delicious flavors!

Ingredients 材料:
10pcs Chicken Wings 鸡翼10只
1pcs Lemon 柠檬1粒

Marinate 腌制酱料:
1tbs minced Garlic 蒜末
2tbs soy sauce 生抽
1tbs oyster sauce 蚝油
1tbs olive oil 橄榄油
salt 盐
pepper 胡椒粉

* Oven 210 degree 30mins
* Put on some Honey for half way baked 烤到半熟,刷上蜜糖。让表皮更金黄(焦焦的表皮)更香。

Original of the video here

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