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BBQ CHICKEN – @HOME|easy recipe

Today I have made a very easy and tasty recipe I want you people also to try it.😋😋😋😋😋


Cooking receipe given below


We have used 6kgs of chicken legs along with thighs .you can decide the quantity according to your cooking.

*Fresh chicken (we have used 6kg)
*red chili powder (200gms)
*Kashmiri chilly for colour (50gms)
*Ginger garlic paste(10l50gms ginger & 150gms garlic grind it well)
*Lemon juice or vinegar(2-3 nos)
*curd(3 TSP)
*Red food colour

Mix all these ingredients well
Marinate the chicken for 4-5 hours (keep in refrigerator)
U can use coal and fire it out in the grill box and start cooking 😋

You guys also try it out and enjoy with your family.

Hope you guys enjoyed my video.


This video is done on my own and self experience.

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