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BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ Chicken Wings are good appetizer and cocktail party,baked chicken wings smothered in barbecue sauce and crispy inside and sweet and sticky on the outside.

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Video Transcription

[Music]yes hi there amok time familymy name is boffin my name is dis todayour dish is going to be simple andeveryone knows this today we are goingto be making barbecue chicken wings andthe good thing is that we’re making itwithout the barbecue grill yeah we don’tneed brill and you show you how not wedon’t need the bro so let’s go and showyou how to do it let go so we have ouringredients we have here water garlicpaste honey we have our molasseswe have your vinegar sugar dot peppersalt now if you have our paprika powderand chili powder all purpose flourchicken wings garlic powder onion powderhere we have Paquita powder turmericpowder chili powder cumin powder andhere we have a bowl full of ketchup notfull but it’s a bowl that we content andguess what we teleported from outside sothis is for the sauce now we are goingto season the flour ok first let’s putthe paprika powder in the chili powderfit not give it a mix good there we haveum we have to put garlic powder andonion powder but let’s put salt firstokay and black peppergood that should be good you can mix itokay got it powder good yeah that’s itonion tomato this okay after this aftermixing we would dust with chicken wingsthat we have there okay now I’m going todust the chicken meatwait just don’t do it fastlet me first dust it and then you putand then we set it on the treeanything to keep it all in here sidelet’s put it so there you know yet likeI this book give Chris penis the flowerstill we’re gonna put the song so yeahokay let’s do this quickly guess andthen put it in the oven next because wedon’t need the gritter or outs becauseit’s a waste of money buying the grillerit’s huge especially if you have a smallhouse you don’t have that place to putitjust use the oven depart okay you haveto understand every we’re not leaving aspot out our house by okay um this isthe last two chickens that B does and hesaid do not leave a spot just like thisyeah okay we covered it and we are gonnaput this in the oven and let it cook for20 to 25 minutes okay and then by thattime you would go and make the sauce butfirst let’s put this with that okay howin is that 260 they didn’t see us todaybut now we’re going to show you how tomake this saucesee you know now we’re going to make thehomemade sauce okay Bobbybefore that we have your clothes but youhave to have clothes powder but we haveyour clothes but just use the clothespowder okay let’s go ahead and put allthem inside Oh me borrow a pair okay letme mix it untilhe gets this other ingredients a littlebit of Pulp put a little bit of salt[Music]sugar sugar sugar up here we have I havea damage it cut in the endokay okay I’m gonna put the molasses mymouse taste never heard of this saucebut it’s like my first time hearing thissauce oh it’s turning black if thissmall tip okay good balance ting muttershey get it came out water you have toput water guys get sausage okay whatsaucy huhokay another ginger no Barnack got itdinging all the garlic paste that wehave there’s our color chance[Music][Music]that’s it okay we are done with thisbook let’s mix it up you can’t anymorebecause you know barbecue sauce on asweet sometimes some barbecue sauce butif they want it hot they can make it popit’s good if they want it spicy just tryto put more pepper so now that back tothe stool don’t think he’s saying thosepeppers that are okay like Chili’s he’stalking about those came good now that’sjust British mixing because it would bemelting more because you know barbecuesauce isn’t picked we need it melty likeokay sauce is about to be ready yeah Ithought you said that oh you guys teachfor what this yeah that my lashes yeahso you can have it the barbecue saucehot spot which is spicy or sweet if Iwas allowed to the vinegar makes it alittle salty I don’t even need to getthat checked outI just wanted to eat this myself oh yougot toothpaste for future but you needto guys you see this club um usually wehave these clothes in India’s and theymake toothpaste of these we’re not eventhe companypeople make it just crush it and thenput water on it and then brush it whichis really healthy for you so I’m tryingjust try to practice this so your teethwould be healthy and righthey guys I got a new might and thechicken is ready so let’s go up yesthat’s way your vote so now we are goingto do the chicken into the barbecuesauce that we have here okay let’s putone here another one we have to puteverything inside to mix it well andthen put barbecue sauce all over itlet’s just get some of the skins tourokay let’s just get everythingso now let’s mix it listen it’s probablyyep we want the barbecue sauce to mixout everywhere and then next step we canput it back to the oven but let’s justmix it up fully because some chickensdoes not doesn’t have on the barbecuesauce yeah now we’re going to move it tothe oven you keepokay all rightTigger hmmfight for five to ten minutes let itcook so close it but no guys is ready[Music][Music]yes I do you smell thatso let’s go have a taste and it might bespicy a little because of those pop notperfect on the chili powder mm that’ssweet yeah let me wipe my hands butbefore we give a speech let’s see whocan give us the first speech are yougoing with parents or til I say hatepills okay okay you lost let me get myfirst beat oh my goshthis is so amazing who would not stopeating this like my mouth is wateringthat barbecue sauce ha ha so good guyswhen they sprayed mine yes the paprikapowder was the best yes guys I want totoast with this sugar and everythingthis is the best thingdo not eat without me just know so guysthank this was done in five minutes I’lleat this every daynot even a meal loss every time of theday I don’t even want water I drink thatbarbecue sauce that’s all okay pleasecooperate okay try this at homenever forget to eat 10 seconds wait youshould not eat that in 10 seconds giveus a feedback and try to do this try tohit the night button subscribe and hit anotification about for my minimum it’s50 in 10 seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ifyou do it that if you did that yeah[Music]

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