BBQ Chicken Recipes

BBQ Chicken Wings: Easy & Quick Recipe on Kamado Joe

This is the process of making quick & easy bbq wings on the Kamado Joe.

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My name is Scott Bartlow and I’m from Oklahoma City. BBQ is my hobby. These videos are my process using a Kamado Joe smoker experimenting with simple recipes for grilling and the smoking process with different types of beef, pork, and chicken, fish, etc.

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This video is intended for hobby purposes only.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to Barlow’sbarbecue and today we’re smoking andthat’s right you know it barbecuechicken wings and some like to call thatthe barbecue king of wings and we’regoing to show you some tips and trickson how I do it so here we go let’s do itwhat hey friends were back and here’s astep to making these barbecued chickenwings really tasty so for chicken Ireally do like to brine that for 13 Iused a landless brining process it’sreally cool you just take a half cup ofthat brine put it in a gallon sizeziplock and then we’re just going todump this chicken right in hereand then we’re going up in water let itsit for a few hours and then we willkind of dry and do a little bit moreseasoning before we get them on thegrill and showing you that next stepwell but what I said take this massivewanna we’re gonna pour it in herenice the frigerator and we will let thatsit the frigerator and let it just soakup all the flavors and we’ll be backshowing you putting a little bit morerub on the chicken and then on a kimonomy friends we’ve been brining for a fewhours and now we Pat it dry and I’m justgonna add a light barbecue seasoning inaddition to some of the other wetbrining just to kind of give it thatbarbecue look flipmy friend we’re just gonna go ahead andput theseon the Kamado only friends we have afinished product these wings are up toTim looking nice and golden got mybarbecue rub on there just enjoyhey guys well thanks for watching wehope you enjoyed the process of makingbarbecue smoked wings it was a lot offun we just finished it up about tothrow a pineapple on there for upsidewhich is gonna be a lot of fun tooif you liked this video like itsubscribe turn on that notification heyalso comment on the video and love toknow your thoughts on the barbecue andalso get your tips this is a barbecuecommunity I’m learning and growing withyou from my backyard or so hope you’reenjoying the process and hey be generousand your cooking give it away have a lotof fun this weekenda little sidemy other taste tester in this faith howmany have you had and will tell me whatyou think of them and like what does ittaste like so you give me two thumbs upoh that’s amazingyou’re the best what do you think twentyfive six you charge 25 cents that’sreally goodhey guys if you like what you saw wouldlove for you to subscribe hit thatnotification button make a commentthanks for being here

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