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BBQ Chicken Wings – Tossed 3 Times! (Braai)

Learn how to BBQ chicken wings with South Africa’s Ultimate BBQ Master & the countries most successful and famous food truck, Salty Flames.

3 Times tossed chicken wings and cooked to perfection.

Further tutorials coming.

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]I’m Nick perfect and welcome to thegarden[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Applause][Music][Laughter][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]chicken wings to finish cooking I’mgiving them one last one on saucer forme[Music][Music]alright guys so this is it the finishedproducts blue cheese sauce celery carrotand the Franks chicken wingsenjoy[Music]

19 Replies to “BBQ Chicken Wings – Tossed 3 Times! (Braai)

  1. Damn nice, great idea. Boy if these were out before I bought my kamado.. hey send me a link to get that temp gauge!! I Love it .

  2. Nice video. I got my 560 two days ago. Have you had any problems with tightening the manifold? I couldn’t get mine tight so it slides back and forth. Thanks.

  3. Looking forward to more cooks on this smoker Tom. I’ve got some sauce to send you. Please let know where to send it.

  4. What’s the pros and Cons of this smoker ? How does it compare to the cabinet gravity smokers over 1k ? I’m in the market for one or either a Humphreys or T&K canner smoker.

  5. Awesome looking ribs Tom!! I am really impressed with your paint job on the Masterbuilt, great color!!!! Have an awesome week!!

  6. If you make a few perk to make to cleaning easier im going to have to pick one on the shelf and pimping it my way. Good video.

  7. Nice looking bones Tom! That master built is pretty impressive for an inexpensive cooker plus that blue just pops. Great cook!

  8. Are you doing a Phil in Florence tribute video? His friends in the cooking community are releasing them today. Love your channel BTW….

  9. Love the 560 Especially the Blue one. I was wondering how those starters would work, it is hard to tell scale, I thought two sideways, those went straight in. I have never used Weber starter cubes but I was impressed with those and I think they are more cost effective. I just use one in the slow and sear when I run 225 it makes it easy to dial in the kettle then. The easy cover method worked great. We are not here to bash on pellet smokers but masterbuilt I believe is on to something. Lastly I like your small piece of hickory in Firebox. 👍

  10. Great looking ribs you got there Tom! I’m really thinking about getting that Masterbuilt too. That looks like an awesome cooker!

  11. I sell those firestarters in my store, seems like a much better fit! I want a Masterbuilt but the funds won’t allow it this year. No matter what, I am cooking great grub, Cheers!

  12. Is it water tight in the charcoal shoot? I’m concerned since mine would sit outside the charcoal would get saturated. Does it come with a cover?

  13. Thanks for the video on this grill. The ribs look great. The simplicity of the Masterbuilt Gravity Series has swayed me away from pellet grills. Have you had any problems with paint peeling in the charcoal chamber.

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