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CHICKALICIOUS 734 Orange Barrel Rub/BBQ Chicken LEGS/COSORI Air Fryer – #1949

I air fried these legs for 25 minutes at 400 degrees F, flipping 1 time. Thanks for watching and please thumbs UP! 💞
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Video Transcription

[Music]how’s your day going so far mine isgoing fine I’m getting ready to air frysome chicken legs and Walter gave me arequest he wants some of this orange rubthat I used before the 7:34 orangebarrel rub my chick alicia’s that’s thechicken crack people so say that was thebest chicken okay I’ll be making somechicken legs with this of course I’mgonna always use my mustard and myseasonings before I put anything on mychicken so we’re a rinsed off these legstrying as much as possible and they’regonna be naked legs and yes naked legscan be crispy you won’t even miss umheavily traded chicken with airfryernaked chicken for real for realoh this way ouch okay so I’m going toput the mustard on it you’re not gonnafix all these legs eat all thissomething season all of it and I maycome back later for another meal andbread some of the chicken nice squirt ofmustard regular yellow mustard we havetoo bad no expensive mustard becauseyou’re not going to taste the mustard itjust does something extra to the chickenyou can’t put this on complete body acomplete almost down six pepper blend ialways season my meat so it’ll be goodall the way through and some tucking itslittle lime flavor a little bitty sohere you can find this at Aldi Walmartokay I’m gonna smush it and then I putall right stop smelling it cuz I’d besneezing this is not a breading it’s arub that orange in it and HickoryHickory flavor make some wings with thisit actually tasted like my wings havebeen on the barbecue grill and it hasbrown sugar in it and so when youairfryer anything with sugar in it it’sgonna make it darkbut it won’t taste perfect head up elseI wouldn’t be doing it again I’msmashing this chickenwhat everything season I’m gonna finishthis will not be back trying to make myvideos shorter okay here come this manmake it all this noise up in here okay Ijust have to up smooshing all theseceilings I’m gonna let me sit for about15 minutes and there are the season isgo through and through[Music]okay I’m back yeah okay yeah my takingthis set for about maybe 10 minuteswell-seasoned put my glove oh whoapreheat my airfryer be using Microsoft5.8 what airframe I’m gonna put it on400 degrees before imma leave the 25minutesI scraped the basket with some audiosince I’m not gonna put oil on thechickensee that skin on it now feels naked Imean no skin on it then it would needsome oil or you see some big ol legsI’ll tell you thatlet’s go put put six in hereokay sprinkle on this chicken dishesorange Barrow Rupp now you can orderthis from um go to the sugar in it but it’sgonna look like it came right off thebarbecue grill okay and this was when Imade my wings boy oh boy it was so goodand I got a package that’s resealable itstays fresh okay didn’t create said for400 degrees I’m leaving after 25 minutesso I’ll be back I usually do wings I’mnot sure like I turned the legs over ornot so I’ll be back you want this cameraon use me you trying to tell me how toair fried chicken don’t play you gonnabe back yeah okay I’m going to uh I justbacked up please the rest of the lake sothat for this bag and for the other baggo back to seal these this is how I dothe bag always turn the back down whenI’m putting messy stuff inside the bagso the messy stuff don’t get on theoutside of the bagone day here my backup service throws inthe freezeryes my a top vacuum sealer I haveanother brand soon I can’t pick up anamethis was easier to get to so that’s whatI’m using[Music]put the edge of the bag down in thistroughI just wanted to sell it I would put iton the edge in here and they sell thebag but I want to back up silly so don’tget freezing bound when I throw it inthe freezer lock both sides down okayand press vacuum-sealed[Music]see it’s shrinkingit now sillythe way for the light to stop blinkingnow himselfit’s like shrink-wrap[Music][Applause][Music][Music]like most sex[Music]soback shrinkingso now silly and the light is blinkingokay ready for the freezer and what ifthey’re ready to cook it even if it’sfrozen like just throw this in theairfryer you need to cook from frozenthe same time the same temperature asregular fresh chicken Danny tried ittrue check out my chicken I’ve nevercooked very seven cooked chicken legsI’m a winged personoh my goodnow see that you smell something okayeternity I’ll turn it in a few minutesthis is how the chicken looks like whenI turn it on the other side this legsare much fatter than weeks want to flipthese healthy legs something makes thechicken bounce come I can get a goodgrip try this sprinkle some more of theorange Barrow wrap some good stuff yeahwho would have thought orange flavor andHickory close togetherokay really see down in hereyou’re surprised the worker actually werequested more of this but we’ve learnttwo hats like their legs this is whatthis looks like chicken dish 734 orangebarrel rub no oil oh and this is sittingon a rolling countertop tray I’ll put alink for that toothat’s the heat from the air fryersposed to blow right on your wall it hasto have road to circulate okay I’ll beback when the chicken is doneokay good ready take off this whiteshirt and my weed cuz I don’t wanna givemy shirt nasty just a shirt then one ofmy honey’s Sharlashe sent me he says miss Perez l hashtagget friar queen and I love it I’ll showy’all something else go get mymiss Brazil 2019 30 thousand subscribersand still growing touching lives onechicken wing at a time now my daughtersent me this to my daughters they gottogether sent me this like the chickenwing yeahso now for my hair fried chickenmainly the wings[Music][Applause][Music]okay got two more minutes I’m gonna putsome of this barbecue sauce on it thelast couple of minutes I’m gonna put itright in the airfryer I guess the otherday I put it in the oven and let thesauce gets sticky soon just like hisfriend I’m using the F Whitlock and Sonsoriginal whiskey barbecue sauce I gotthis from Walmartyou know just once I don’t because Iturn it over again I did flip these legsthey were we the wouldn’t have to justget sticky the skin is crispy yeah thesauce is gonna soften it up so I’malways another this sauce[Music]it’s the combination with the orangebarrel rub[Music][Music]I’ll be backokay I got one minute left I’m going tosign off now so I want to thank you forwatching give me a thumbs up leave anice comment and subscribe to my channeljust stop I got my plate ready make methree chicken downbig ol eggsyeah some rice white rice it’s somebroccoli to go with it but I will notknow that yes I don’t want chickened outthis is the best yeah for real and likeI said it’s crispy naked legs andthey’re crispy okaycook for 25 minutes at 400 degreesFahrenheitnow did flip the legs no oilthere was a chicken dogs just from pizzaI invite you this now burn my mouth burnit off my taste but uh this here’s achicken dogokay I’m going for real manBon Apetit be blessed[Music]

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  1. Gm looks delicious I just clicked on ur link for the air fryer I have 2 other ones but I need a new one thanks for sharing

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