BBQ Chicken Recipes

Chicken BBQ recipe

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1/2 klo Chicken (legs and thigh)
3 tbs Calamansi
1/2 cup Mama Sita’s Bbq mix
1/2 cup Ginger Ale/Sprite or Coke
6 cloves Garlic
a bit of Black Pepper


– marinate chicken with all the ingredients combine for 4 hrs (or overnight is ok)
– pre heat oven for 375 degrees ( or grill from charcoal or you can also
fry in if you want)
– baste it with it’s own sauce every now and then
(approx. 40-50 mis cooking)

how to make sauce:

– strain the marinate sauce you used to separte the liquid and boil
– add sugar to your likings
– small amount of sauce on a bowl or water mix and dilute with
– cornstarch or flour then add it when it’s boiling
– continuously stir until you reach your desired thickness

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