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Chicken Wings Honey Garlic & Golden BBQ|Fries Touch Down Wings + How I Feel About What’s Going On

What it do YouTube?!?! Today I will be eating some Honey Garlic/Golden BBQ Chicken WIngs from Touch Down Wings! Also I will be letting you all know how I feel about what’s going on today. I really hope you all enjoy and until the next Videeeooooooo!!!! YEEEPPPPPP!! Bye Guys!👋
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Video Transcription

what is the YouTube is mine you’re backwith another video and today guys thatyou could tell by the title I will bedoing touchdown wingshey it’s Ania almost hiya lover laddidn’t inspire I’m on the road I gottago I got this video very blue sea neverlosing most especially after snow I lovemy head that’s cuz I’m still dropped toobanged up yeah it’s an ideamy evo I say your twenty-four-sevendoing video it’s a yeah yeah yeah it’s aliabley’all like comment subscribe enjoy myvideo so my uncie has got this for metoday we want to touch down we got 50wings and then we split it betweeneveryone so this is going to be sodelicious I had never well I have nevertried touchdown min so this is gonna bea new experience for me but before I gettoo much into this video do not forgetto Like comment and subscribe follow meon instagram i I see the underscore nowwith three inches in my TED talk istonight mi pana at NDTV because it is aplace to be outside you guys except bythe title I will be sharing my opinionon how I feel about all the rightsthat’s going on the doors for situationand also the moving that’s happeningwith this story so I’m gonna say graceand get this video right and so dearlord I thank you for this food that youhave the right time today I’ll pursuenow it’s my finding I do this foodyou know her Terminator comes his foodas I receive baby’s name I pray amenalso guys be sure to check out thecoldest water bottle if you guys into mypromo code and I and you guys would be atempest about anything you order offwith the quarter struggle water motto somake sure you check them I’m just gonnasit right here as you guys can see myname is buddy come on buddymake noise yeah let’s get right intothis today I’m drinking fruit punchso all righty Texas I’m in the car itwas so good also I taste it touchdown itwas like this cheese bake and somethingquano with the Admiral all the thinkingcheese and egg roll and it was so goodso I would definitely get that again Ialready ate mine in the car so you guysmight see on my plate but I have sixwings some rice celery and some friesand thenno onion I have their blue cheese ohthat’s sweet but um thank you everyonewho say they like my hair I know this isa new color I’m going to be posting avlog of where my cutting day my hair andit’s kind of not really step-by-step butshowing everything she put in itI wanna put up with what the video stillcan be high it got cool on the way herebut let’s just start talking so I don’tknow if you guys are gonna agree on mypain about the george floyd situation ifyou don’t agree you can be well feelfree to click off because everyone feelsdifferent about situation but I’m justgonna say how I feel about it I thinkthis is honey barbecue this one is mybarbecue and this is humble golden Marieoh this is golden barbecue and then usesparmesan oh honey let me okay this ishoney lemon and it’s just goldenoh honey garlic okay anyways I feel likethe policeman the wine guy was on hisneck feel like I was completely wrong itwas completely unprofessional and likeeveryone saying he didn’t know how towrite to me that to him and for you guyswho don’t know what happeneda black man he was killed murdered itwas third degree murder believed by theofficer he killed him because theythought that he hada valid check or something in that sortand so they killed him for it well threeofficers was on her home was on his neckand that’s one who was preventing himfrom breathing he was coming he couldn’tbreathe he was saying please help me mymama like it was so sad the whole videowas just so sad just like people wastelling the officer to get off him theyweren’t listening they were just sittingthere like it was just all fun and gamesand so as a result of that happeningeveryone started protesting exceptprotest me protesting they startedbullying going crazy everywhere this islike people are getting arrested left toright for clothes that’s dude just goingcrazy and it’s just like okay I agree inthe protests and some sort but stealingfrom well stealing and burning downblack other businesses it’s justterrible like they’re not making us lookany better they’re making us blackpeople look worse I understand this outof hurt and it’s out of paying back thesame time we just fight and fire whatfire so it’s just fight without to bethe ones to put it out because I believethe cops start putting out they justkeep doing it and I read that this isjust one of the incidents caught oncamera it’s a lot more that we don’teven know about which is crazy but bythe grace of God this one was caught sonow like people are actually like seeingthis and it’s like bringing the wheretoday eyes and it’s just like crazy andI personally think that cool thisofficer didn’t deserve to go to jailwhat she did but he got moved to adifferent job person well a differentprison or jail becausethey said coronavirus and then theydidn’t want people coming in there fromthe writing they didn’t want people whogot arrested for a Wyatt rioting goingideal for him like to kill himself sothey moved him which is crazy so allthose other people kick-ass Corona andthey moved him to safety I don’t know Ijust feel like it’s so unfair and theyshould have left him there he was Ernie[Music]then again some people on the white copside they’re just like oh he shouldnever did this that what they said whenI saw Toby was in the white man so neverI remember it was ridiculous he shouldhave never I remember what I was sayinghonestly I just know they was on hisside and made any sense I’m just likethat just not something that disagree onyes I’m eating my fork I’m at my pricebefore but it’s all just madness andcheerful this is not just like bluecheese what’s a blue cheese but since Igrant it is still good though but yeah Ifeel like justice for George boy and itwas completely wrong and I just felt soabout watching that video he’s likehanging like he cops on me saying Ican’t breathe please tell him I’ll getin the car bitch this and he’s going nothe wasn’t even exist in the first placewhich was crazy like he didn’t resistnot like so just another black mankilled for no reasonI’m just what is so goodI just want better I thought like thisone Betty this one is better this is theGartley Hananiah $20 it’s really good Ilove it especially dipped in blue cheesebut y’all coming down below and let meknow how I feel about the drawer exploitsituation and let me know if y’all agreeon what I said like I was wrong and thepolice officer deserves to go to jailand it should not have to three policeofficers to be one person it’s just likethey have such a thing I should have andI feel so bad even when he passed outfrom the man being on his neck he didn’tget up he stayed there until theparamedics got there then you juststarted to get up and so this is not thefirst case with that police officer itwas other cases with him killing peoplebeing on restriction and so there shouldhave been fighting with the otherslike I said again this is my first timetrying touchdown rings and it’s amazinghow dumb I don’t know what are you doingmy bestum the best thing on this plate isdefinitely these and then I’ll have togo with the prize and then this anotherracer the right is good it just not hmmit’s good but it’s just not what I’mused to I guess it’s different but it’spretty good but yeah we waited so longfor this food it took forever for themto do this my order and you could telltouchdown runs is good because it was alot of people there I don’t even reallyfriendly they don’t seem too friendlydid you see my oh this is work but theyprobably was tired could it we did gopretty late and there’s problems aboutclothes we also went to Walmart todayand we got a black don’t know Marc unseethat do guys see on videos with mymother she works out personal care homesso we went there today and we wentshopping for the people who are at thepersonal care home they give what theygave us Liz and so we went shopping forthem and it was pretty fun cuz she’slike I never really shopped for olderpeople so it was just like they wantedone man u1l we research here’s one ofthose stuff where itself ice cream andstuff and then get so excited like I’mgonna get this stuff and they tellthat’s what they were all right andthere we go just like I’m good for her Ilove working with people like olderpeople and then really young people likekids I love our kids we don’t do a lottoday but guys I’m gonna in the videoright here do not forget to Like commentand subscribe follow me on instagram ouractions you understood I was there edgesand matsutake it’s all night long withmy parents come up I tell the TV thefish hours of the day would be righthere so shout-out to you guys thank youfor supporting my channel I really doappreciate the end much love if you dowant a shout out on my channel you haveto be running the first free to commentit will get a shout out not saying thebeginning if you learn anythingpurchased off the coldest water bottlejust use my promo code nya and you willget anything 10% off of their order andyeah that’s it let me know um more videodo that I want to see of me oh my timeis over anyone just let me know in thecomments and I really I’d like to knowwhat we would do but I love you guys andI’ll see guys with mix baby oh yeah byeguys[Music]

19 Replies to “Chicken Wings Honey Garlic & Golden BBQ|Fries Touch Down Wings + How I Feel About What’s Going On

  1. Hi Nyiah I agree with you on the Death of Gorge Floyd food looks yummy God bless you and your love one’s

  2. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes #ItzSoNyiah I Hope You All Are Having A Blessed And Amazing Week And EnJoying Yourselves And StayingSafe Have A Great Rest Of The Week And Weekend EnJoy Yourselves And I Love Your Hair Color

  3. Heyyyy *Fav*. Great video that chicken looked bomb!! Never had garlic honey wings. Yass what happened to Mr. Floyd was absolutely horrible. But God will keep his hands on us. We just got stay woke pray and stand up for our right. I thank God they were convicted and in police custody. God bless you and your family and stay safe ♡♡♡

  4. Do u remember me I always be the first one omg it have been a while when u and your girl cousin are seafood and the birds attacked it 🤣

  5. I loved your video..i agree everything u say about George Floyd death cop was really wrong and also people didn’t have to do all that. If they want to protest they should do at peace not breaking things and burning. Omg your hair look gorgeous and so are u…GOD BLESS YOU. MUCH LOVED💖💖

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