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Chicken Wings With Cheese And Jalapenos

We decided to try this little recipe on the Char-Broil Kamander and make it our own. #Charbroil

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Video Transcription

all right welcome everybody to mykitchenwe’re gonna try out a new recipe todaythis is not this is not my recipe Idon’t want anybody to think that this ismy recipe I am totally taking this fromsomething that I saw online from thebarbecue pit boys and what we’re goingto attempt to do today is we’re going toattempt to turn all these ingredientshere into a barbecued chicken wings withcheese and jalapeno so I have I have mywings here they’re ready to goI have left wings and right wings I havemy barbecue seasoning you can chooseyour own barbecue season in whicheveryou feel you want I have some soy sauceI have some extra-virgin olive oil nowin place of the soy sauce you can useaminos and place it in a virgin oliveoil you can use corn oil canola oilyou know whichever oil you like and thenI also have some cheese here I got somesharp whites and sharp yellow I got somemozzarella and I also have some dicedjalapeno so we’re going to try to turnthis all into a barbecue recipe you haveto wish us luckalright step one we’re going to go aheadand take the olive oil we’re going toput some olive oil in the pan hereokay so we’ve taken our olive oil andwe’ve put it in the pan in the not panbut in our little container here nextwe’re gonna add some soy sauce to go inthere with it as much to your taste andthen after that we’re going to load inour barbecue seasoning now we’re goingto mix that up I’m just gonna use mybrush here you guys know about that I’mgonna use my brush here mix it up a bitand then we’re going to take this andwe’re going to brush it on our chickento get it ready to go on the grill verysimple process you guys get the idea sowe’ll brush all this chicken down andthen the next step is we’ll be ready toput it on the grillall right so we got our grill going hereand it’s about at 200 we move the coalswe’ve moved the coals over to one sideof the grill we’re gonna try to cookindirect so the heat is coming up herewe’re gonna try to move the chicken tothis side of the grill so we’re gonnastart placing our chicken now try to getit now I’ve got about 30 chicken wingshere and I know that’s they seem like alot but when you got a big growing boylike I did 30 chicken wings candisappear very fast so we keep ourtemperature around where we want itaround that that 250 mark around that250 mark we will cook this and a coupleof hours so we’re gonna try to threadthese in right you notice I got theleft’s I got left wings and right wingsit’s not a political statement that’sjust the way chicken wings come there’sa left side or just checking out a rightside of the chicken so we’re going to dothatbefore you know it we’re gonna have anice tasty meal hopefully after we dothis we’ll begin the preparation for ourother ingredients to go on hereand I tell you guys I am looking forwardto itthis is going to be good these last twookay so now we’re ready to close up thegrill we’ll close it up we’ll let thesego and then we’ll check on them in about50 minutes all right now let’s take alook see what we’re dealing withman that’s looking pretty good so whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna brush onour sauce again you get a good look atthat sauce right we’ve got our oil witha little soy and our barbecue seasoningto keep it moist right we’re gonna brushthese brush these down and then we’regonna we got about another I think we’vegot about another hour good hour to goso I think we’re making pretty goodprogress here got our temple aroundbetween a 250-300 mark so we’re notovercooking our wings should be nice andmoist we’re excited about what ourresult is going to be so our next stepwill be to prepare our cheese mixture togo on once they’re doneall right so now it’s time for us tomake our cheese mixture that’s going togo on the wings so we’re going to startoff with some sharp cheddar white getthat in there and then we’re gonna gowith some yellow cheddar as well andalso we’re going to add in some somemozzarella so put that in there and thenwe’re gonna kick it off we’re going toput some jalapenos in that mixtureexcellent so we will mix that up andit’ll be ready to go on the wingsalright so now we’re ready to cheese upour wings we got our cheese concoctiongear and we’re ready to put this one andlet it melt on the wings on the grill[Music]let this goalright so it’s time to take it offlet’s see what we gotoh man look at that cheesy jalapeñochicken wings so we’re gonna pull theseoff when I get these off get them insideokay everybody so this is our finalresult with the chicken wings with thecheese in jalapeno we’re going to givethem a try and hopefully they taste goodwe’ll let you know but either way thiswas this was this was kind of fun thiswas a little bit different cooking forme and it was fun and and we’re excitedabout the results so hopefully I can trysome more stuff like this in the futureokay so my son was excited and he wantedto try the new concoction here with thecheese and jalapeno chicken wings sowhen you’re ready go ahead and I willpick out a wing and then give it a shothow is itall right so there you have it there’sone person’s opinion I I think it turnedout pretty good I had a piece myself andand it’s definitely different it’s notsomething that you you know that I wouldnormally do where I put on a hot sauceor a barbecue sauce the the chickenitself is very tender none of it seemsto be overcooked so I’m really reallyexcited about the result on this so inthe future this is definitely somethingthat we’re adding to our menu and thatwe will have in the future here when welight up the grill so there you have itI encourage you to try it out foryourself at home

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