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Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, I just did a real quick meal prep this week! Quick but everything was so good!!
LUNCH is just BBQ chicken that my husband grilled on the grill.
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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my channeland welcome to another Sunday meal prepvideo if you’re new here welcome my nameis Kristy and I’m currently followingthe WWE blue program but I will provideyou with the points for all threeprograms if you’re following W do thisvideo is actually going to be a veryvery quick meal prep video this weekbecause today it’s Mother’s Day so Iknow by the time you see this will bepast Mother’s Day but I again want tosay happy Mother’s Day to all of youmothers out there regardless what typeof mother you are mother grandmotherstepmother foster mother whatever and asI forgot to say the other day fir babymother because a lot of us are mothersof fur babies so happy Mother’s Day toyou girl as well so I am doing a veryquick meal prep this week for breakfastI’m doing chocolate chip peanut butterovernight oh it’s going to had those ina while and for lunch I’m doing barbecuechicken with some frozen vegetables verysimple easy meal prep and in fact thechickens already cooked I had my husbandgrill it last night we actually hadsteaks for dinner last nightand I asked him to barbeque up somechicken breasts so that I could use thatfor meal prep and that would save mesome time today so that’s what I’mshowing you I have no dinners that I’mpre-packaging this week because I’mgoing to be doing some slow cookerfreezer meals this week and that Ialready had prepped and nothing to prepfor snack so like I said very quick andeasy meal prep this week so if you wantto see how I handle certain holidays butI still want a meal prep and still be ontrack for the week then stay with me[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]okay so we’re gonna get started withbreakfast and like I said these aresuper easy to make these are thechocolate chip peanut butter overnightoats these are six points on blue andgreen and three points on purple andbasically what you do is you just putthem all in a mason jar put them in yourfridge and then you eat them cold thenext dayI’ve never warmed these up so I can’ttell you how they taste warm I actuallylove them cold I have a few overnightoats recipes on my website as alwaysI’ll include the link for the recipedown in the description box below and Iwill also include the link for anythingitems that I use alike these mason jarsI think these are the eight ounce masonjars these are the smaller ones Iusually use the big ones if I’m going tobe putting fruit on the top of myovernight oats but I’m not going to bedoing that with these one the only thingI’m gonna be doing is topping them withabout a teaspoon of mini chocolate chipsso what I’ll do is make one of them andthen I’ll go through make the others butI’ll just do the first one to show youwhat I’m using so the first thing I’mgonna put in it is a third of a cup ofoats as you can see I have a very bigbox of oats I actually haven’t madeovernight oats in a while I thinkbecause I bought this at Sam’s Club whenwe went and it’s been a couple monthssince we’ve gone to Sam’s Club and Ijust opened this so we want 1/3 of a cupof oats in there and then we are goingto add 1/2 a cup of unsweetened almondmilk I prefer the vanilla unsweetenedalmond milk in my oats I just like thetaste of it better that’s completely upto you I’m using the soap brand usuallyI use them all the time I think it’scalled friendly farms both of them scanup to zero points for half a cupthe next thing I’m going to put in thereis half the tablespoon of chia seedsthis is optional these are really goodfor your heart a great car palthese actually expand in liquid so ifyou’re not using these I would probablysay to cut down a little bit on thealmond milk or add a little bit of oatskeeping in mind that if you add the oatsand they add point what I would do if Iwasn’t using these is I would probablyjust cut down to maybe a little over athird of a cup of the almond milk okaybut it depends on the consistency onething with overnight oats is you reallyhave to play around with them to getthem to your liking overnight oats arekind of one of those things that peopleeither love them or they hate themdepending on the way to me I have had totry so many different variations ofthose but you just have to play aroundbecause the consistency I like minereally thick so the consistency thetaste you have to play around with thoseso next thing you want is a teaspoon ofbrown sugar substitute I actually havelike an tow and swerve on my website Isaid that I used swerve because that’swhat I used to use at the time I havesince been using Lepanto because Icouldn’t find somewhere one time I don’treally like the LeConte oh I actuallychoose this kind the brown sugarsubstitutes like this are expensive butI don’t use them a whole lot so it’sit’s worth it to me so we want oneteaspoon of brown sugar substitute thenext thing that we’re gonna put in thereis two tablespoons of PB 2 and I justused the plain PB 2 now I will say thatnormally I would be weighing this outbecause PB 2 is kind of one of thosethings it’s kind of like flour wherewhen you weigh it it’s way differentthan when you measure it but my scale isnot working I just replaced thebatteries but when I was making a recipelast night and weighing out my food itwas not working properly and last thingwe need is a tablespoon of sugar-freesyrup I’m actually using mrs.Butterworth’s this time I love the mapleI think it’s called Mako Farmssugar-free that’s my favorite but I haveused mrs. Butterworth’s and also logcabin I have some log cabin in my fridgeso one tablespoon of that so then youwant to take a knife and just mix thatup real goodyou don’t want to stir it really hardlike vigorous just stir it easily andthat will all thicken up and with thepb2 you can do that to your liking youcan add a little bit more a little bitless if you add more it may add point soso just make sure to account for thatand so I can feel it already thickeningup because of those chia seeds so afterit’s in the fridge overnight it’s reallygonna thicken up quite a bit so the lastthing I’m going to do is just add ateaspoon of chocolate chips and just addthose right over the top and that’s itthat’s how there is to it put the top onthere and they will go in the fridgeovernight so I’m just going to gothrough and do the rest of theseI saw you from across the room when oureyes met I never know but I could feelthis way and it’s kind of strange don’teven know your name[Music]okay that’s itdone with those like I said those are soeasy to me I will sometimes do enoughfor four days of these they do they dohold they’re still good after the fourdays so I’m going to set this stuffaside and then show you how easy it’sgonna be to do my lunches okay before Iget started with lunch I am gonna dosome hard-boiled eggsso I really have been enjoying justhaving some hard-boiled eggs in thefridge just in case I just want a littlebit of extra protein or just somethingto munch on that’s zero point so I amgonna put just about a half a cup ofwater in the bottom of my instant potand then I am using these free-rangebrown eggs I’m going to do six of themso I’m just gonna set them right on therack and then I’m just gonna put theseon regular for seven minutes okayso now we’re moving on to lunch forlunch like I said I’m doing barbecuedchicken so as you can see my husbandalready barbecued this last nightso for each portion I have just aboutfour ouncesthere’s about 24 ounces here I didn’tweigh it because we’re on blue if you’reon green though you of course would wantto wade out the barbecue sauce that weused is actually sweet baby Ray’s I hadmy husband put 1 tablespoon on eachserving which is two points of the sweetpea race you definitely could use thesugar-free like G hues that would bezero point but we prefer sweet babyRay’s and we prefer to take the pointsfor it so for blue and purple it’s goingto be two points for the chicken whatbarbeque sauce and then I’m going to Idecided to go ahead and put cottagecheese with it I have the Daisy low-fatcottage cheese this is two points for ahalf a cup and then the vegetables thatI’m using is vegetable medley I can useat Sam’s Club there it comes in likefour stealable bags and these will bezero usually what I do when I prep thesefor lunch I just put them right in herefrozen I put them in here frozen andthen then they cook throughout the weekwhen i reheat whatever I’m reheating butbecause the chicken is fully cooked Idon’t want to overheat the chicken andit’s probably only going to take maybethirty Seconds to a minute to reheat soI’m actually steaming my vegetables inthe microwave right now and then thatway I will just very briefly heateverything up pour the cottage cheese Iam actually gonna use these littlemuffin tins and just put one in eachcontainer that way I can pull thecottage cheese out before I keep thechicken and vegetables so we’re justgonna put one of these in each thingalright so we’re gonna do a half a cupin again I normally would weigh this outbut since my skills not working I’massuming that’s just gonna fill thatgrade up yeah okay I hope that my topI’m gonna make sure my tops gonna fit onthere I think it was yeah that’s fine[Music]I’m assuming that’s how many yeahthere’s six half cup servings in thiscontainer so it’s a good thing I hadthis sized container so now I canclearly see that I used too much in thatfirst one I thought it looked like I didand that my friends is why I like toweigh it a little bit too much in thesefirst onesso that won’t be easy then when we go tohave those I can just pull those out sonow I’m just going to go through andjust put the chicken in there[Music]so something you can do with this too isyou can always make your chicken aheadof time and freeze it and my vegetablesjust got done so let me grab a little Ihad two of them in there so then theyfeel like you’re not point donesometimes when you do two at a time itdoesn’t cook them that’s good but that’sokay because we’re going like I saidwe’re gonna be rain heating so they’restill gonna cook the day that we needthemall right so I basically just want tosplit this up I have two bags so justsplit each one up between the three[Music][Applause][Music]all right that’s it for lunch so my eggskicked over to warm so now I’m gonnajust throw those in an ice bath and thenI will put everything out and show youwhat we ended up with no dinners orsnacks to do this week okay so here isour quick meal prep and it’s quick butreally good I’m really looking forwardto this this week so down here I have myhard-boiled eggs and of course those arezero on blue and purple and two pointsper egg on green and as always my snacksI always have sugar-free pudding yogurtsI have some granny smith apples I alsohave a big watermelon I forgot all aboutthat I could have definitely cut that upso I’m not gonna bother you guys knowyou’ve seen me cut up fruit before sojust keep in mind that I will be havinga watermelon that I’ll cut up and I havesome other fruit too that I didn’t getout these are the oatmeal’s theovernight oats so as you can see they’realready starting to thicken and I’mtelling you those are so goodso these are six points and blue andgreen and three points on purple andthen my lunches so I have the barbecuechicken and again these are two pointson blue and purple because of thebarbecue sauce because I use sweet babyRay’s so if you’re on green it’s gonnabe two points for the barbecue sauceplus however much chicken you use you’llhave to count your chicken on that andthen two points for the cottage cheesethat’s a happy it’s half a cup is twopoints of this kind and then zero forthe vegetablesso my unbloomed purple this is going tobe a four point lunch and then on greenit will be four points plus however muchchicken you have and then of course Ididn’t have dinners this week so that’sit for this week I think this was thequickest meal prep I’ve ever done butsuper simple and super good though I’mreally looking forward to the meals thisweek so thank you all so muchif you’re new I hope you’ll subscribe tomy channel make sure to click thesubscribe button and click thenotification Bell so you notifiedanytime I upload new content and thankyou all so much for watching happyMother’s Day to everyone I appreciateyour support I’ll see you in my nextvideo I’m Christy and I’m planning ahealthy[Music]

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