BBQ Chicken Recipes


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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel youshould go watch it me you know how it isif you may hear make like don’twe that’sme you gonna catch me the note that CCknow where I come here I come here Louiscome on I got the wave no do bad man Ohjellytelly it’s so hot in her but my name iscamilo summer I got the wave no do bad[Music]anyway that’s a point so as you guysseems as you guys have seen by the timethe Thunder today we’re gonna make somebarbecue chicken wings or whateverI learned this once it took just themand that’s what most of the time I getmost of my mother’s breast recipes or ifnot I always use markets with recipesfrom sales kitchen so yeah um so yeahguys if I get into this video make surethat come subscribe antenna notificationfell on the vertical into subscribers asyou can see the consistencies coming allalong including with a bit of differentsalts or whatever so already very veryshort wait let me try and put you guysin a good position some I already haveI’m just going to wash them defrostedthem[Music]disinfect the chicken my chicken mychicken I’m going to get my choppingboard so bad I’m going to put you guysin the different position so you guyscan see that position so that you cansee everything clear okay yeah so guysnow we’re in a different positioning soobviously I don’t think you need to seemy face during this processbut anyway so now we’re gonna get yeahokay I’m gonna now get my knife I letthis knife so perfectly because it’s sonice medium get yourself a nice now soguys what you’re gonna do is cut you’regonna cut through the middle of thechicken so I can oh wait guys so guysI’m doing a voiceover on this power onlybecause of the fact that when the boneswere cracking a just not to me six Ididn’t want that same effect on youbut now I’m trying to cut the chicken inhalf but I realized that this knife wasnot beneficial so I got and a biggerknife which was more effective for me tocut through the chicken and as you canguys as you guys can tell cut throughthe chicken finally there’s a little bitof blood but don’t worry because we’regonna wash the chicken again and that’sbasically how I did it well we cut thechicken through this is kind of hard sothat’s why I did this cause camera onepoint so you guys could see I’ve got twohalves so now I’m getting the rest of mychicken so I can prep to dorest and I’ll see you guys in the nextclass I’m back and all my chicken hasbeen pressed hard cook basically alittle half so you can get some potslike this sometimes like that on in thisso it’s so basically I’m gonna use allright so I’m gonna use everythingseasoning I use two teaspoons because asI said you don’t want it to be tooseason you can have it off filling letme show you guys some oh yes now I didyour every seasoning then you’re gonnaadd you’re gonna add in saltyou know just around then you’re gonnaadd a bit of garlic granulesno no that’s ahso guys this one I’m recording with onehand which area[Music]obviously guys you can season yours indifferent ways you know I’m learningdifferent types of seasonings because Ialways stick to one really so that’swhat it’s meant to look like so now thatyou’ve seasoned everything now you’regonna mash it all up together so youguys can see and I still kept on havinga bit of water from when I’ve washed thechicken so I just kept some rinsing itall out actually except her kind ofexplanatory guys you can see what’sgoing on you know then you get your panand then you use this and greaseproofbetter than for you in my opinion andthen you put over there with your rackand line up all your chicken basicallyguys yeah also too I do you put youroven at 180 degrees and I put my chickenin for 25 minutes so yeah now you guyscan see how the chicken is now cookingreally good I kept it in for a bitlonger because I just wanted it to be abit crispy so that you know it can bereally nice to eat both of that guys Iwas eating my barbecue chicken wings wehave chips so I just made myself a fewchips from potatoes so yeahOh make my yeah so what she did was I’mgonna try to talk to you guys I reallytime I give up over there so yeah soobviously guys thanks legal quarantinewho has time for spending big big moneyon proper ketchup not us so I’ve justgot daddy’s tomato ketchup so I’m justgonna just brush this is fresh baby sowe’re gonna pickthing thanks she added soy sauce I’mjust showing it’s very quick because mystory just kind of so they add soy sauceinto it so now and we have now finishedmaking our chicken and now we finishedour sauce I just made it until it looksa bit cool like this obviously I’m notgonna burn it so that’s like a nicebrownie sauce you know that type oftexture so if inletall right let me go get my chickenschickens in the bowl along with itplease don’t mind my black coats yeah Idon’t know what but it looks like I’mnot let me formally make a comment aboutmy cat by the way sign no you guys comehome oh oh gosh as you guys can tellit’s like barbecuing I guess almost soysauce but I don’t really mind about thatguys I’m just adding the barbecue sauceon top of my chicken so that the saucecan go all of my chicken as you guys cansee and I made only a little bit becauseit’s only for me and my brother and Iwas seeing like the rest of them they’regonna eat what they can make their ownsauce so I’ll make it for them and theycome home and then I’m gonna get a platebecause I don’t wanna you know just tomush it all up basicallysee you guys I’m now gonna prepare itand this is exactly how mine came outyou know I like to put my chips in thereClem extra mm-hmm but yeah that’s howit’s gonna look good guys I tell you Iam tired I’m so tired and especiallybecause I’ve not got my own tablets andI think I might have a napwhat yeah guys I hope you enjoyed mycooking video and I think I will bedoing more I was actually to do like allthis I come backwards and call them andwith my friends but I guess right nowhad other plans so yeah guys make sureyou like comment and subscribe to them Imean you know what I mean on the road to500 subscribers and if you watch ifyou’re watching this and you’ve notliked ityou’re not sending notifications butwhat’s important that you’ve notsubscribed I suggest you do that rightnow what you guys my name’s KapoorShammi and I am signing out bye guys

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