BBQ Chicken Recipes

Easiest and quickest way to make a masala for bbq chicken wings

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2kg wings
6 tbs oil (we used sunflower oil)
6 tbs vinegar
4 tbs ginger and garlic paste
2 tbs crushed chillies extra hot
2 tbs haldi
2 tbs paprika
1 tbs salt

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Video Transcription

Salam alaikum everyone I’ll show you howto make one of our most frequent recipeswhich is the 2kd barbeque chicken wingswhich is right here this is 2 kg worthof wings which have been washed andwater has been drained out we have overhere 6 tablespoons of oil 6 tablespoonsof vinegar 4 tablespoons of ginger andgarlic paste 2 tablespoons of crushedchilli extra hot 2 tablespoons ofholiday 2 tablespoons of paprika and wehave 1 tablespoons of salt so we mixthis all together and we marinate thechicken with itso guys now we put all the ingredientsin a bowl and we start mixing like somakes nice and well and now it’s done sowe bring in the chicken transfer thechicken in a bigger bowl so that iseasier to mix back so now we will bemixing the spices to the chicken andleave it for marinationmake sure the wings are being marinatedequally and make sure the paste isspread equally all around the chickenthere’s a really nice scent coming outof the mixture as well the kids love toeat here and so do the adults soeveryone in the family you have to enjoyit put the cling film all around makesure is still activeand we allow to sell for two hours -Eliza’s kicking to soak in the masalaput the ring on a fish cage because theyuse thunder for this is the better oneuser thunder because they heat get tothe wings quicker and is cooked frominside more quicker and if he’s on thebarbecueyour wings are closer to their heat sousually they’ll just get bent as you cansee we’re popping little holes insidethe wings so that they inside parts itgets cooked quicker and it definitelywill get cooked if you do make holes inthem now we just wait for them to getcooked so these are what the wings looklike after they are cooked we’ve alsogot some spicy chips and we will seewhat this will don’t think aboutyouso nice yeah yeah do you like it[Music]we all enjoyed today’s video and withthe barbecue wings we’ll be doing morevideos using the 10 ball make sure toLIKE and subscribe thank you bye

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