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Easy Air Fryer Grilled Chicken Cutlets (Ingredients and recipe below)

Hi and welcome back to another episode of Adita Cooks!

I have been under the weather lately and my voice has been affected so please excuse the non voiced videos.

I hope to return to my regular voiced videos real soon!

Here is my super easy, delicious recipe for grilled cutlets in the air fryer!

Thin chicken cutlets
Grill Mates Montreal Chicken seasoning

Rinse cutlets
Generously coat each of the cutlets with the EVOO (not just a sprinkle but not soaking in oil)

Season on both sides with the Montreal chicken seasoning
With hands combine all the ingredients

Let sit for about 5 mins as AF pre heats at 400 for 5 mins

Then cook at 370 for 15 mins flip halfway and finish cooking
If cutlets seem thicker, then of course more time will be needed
You be the judge

And then I had a honey, lemon, cayenne,blk pepper sauce made and I glazed the cutlets with that
Or you can use a honey BBQ sauce if you’d like or Lemon Pepper as well

I love Montreal chicken seasoning for outdoor grilling but indoors with the air fryer it was perfect and I can use it year round now.

Next episode we will make delicious fresh cut French Fries in the air fryer!

Thank you for stopping by!

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