BBQ Chicken Recipes


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Video Transcription

[Music]good morning guys welcome to today’svideo I was editing the last time we’velogged and I realized I was in thisexact same sweater so sorry about thatbut that’s just quarantine life but thisis one of my favorite sweaters I got itfrom Patagonia and it’s just so soft andcomfy and it’s been so cold and rainyhere in California so I’ve just beenkeeping warm and wearing cozy stuff butI mean who hasn’t because you can’t goanywhere but today Saturday it’s the daybefore Easter and we have we don’treally have a ton of stuff to get donebut there’s just some things on my listthat I want to get done before tomorrowso we woke up really early this morningand we drove down to a seasidemarketplace that we get our steaks frombecause we are going to make thosetomorrow night for Easter dinner and Ibelieve they won’t be open tomorrow sowe got up early got there one nightopened because it’s a really popularplace so we did that we got our Easterdinner and then we came home we got somework done we had like a few things wehad to finish up and then right nowthere’s taken right now we are doingsome silk screaming for my Kylie createdbusiness which if you guys don’t know Ihave a little hand lettering businessthat I do on the side and I have somemugs some tea towels and just a bunch ofcute hand lettered stuff that I’vedesigned I designed some more tea toweldesigns and we are in the process ofburning the screen so that is what we’redoing it takes about 16 minutes we’vedone this one time before and it was thefirst time we ever did it so it was kindof trial and error like the first timewe completely messed up and then we didit a second time and it worked out greatso hopefully the second time around wehave a little bit more experience underour belts and it’ll go well and then Ithink we have to wait to actuallysilkscreen until it’s completely driedso I don’t think we’ll be able to dothat until tomorrow or Monday orsomething but for the rest of the dayI’m just going to clean up the house Ifeel like that’s all I’ve been doing butI want to have it clean for tomorrowwhat are you gonna do Jacobfinding projectors yeah we’re gone wealso went to Lowe’s and I got somepotting soil because I need to repot oneof my plants because it’s gotten so bigand we also got some more propanebecause we were out of that and we needthat to grill tomorrow’s dinner I thinklater we’ll take honey on a walk we’llgo after the timer’s up for the screenbut yeah we don’t have many plans fortoday it’s just another quarantine dayat home nothing super exciting going onalso I got some leggings and anotherYoung Living package in the mail so I’llshow you guys those laterso I wanted to show you I got some newleggings and they’re actually fromfabletics I had never ordered for thembefore but they had a ton of cute colorsand they have like a two pairs for $24thing if you sign up for theirmembership and I’ve heard that they’rereally good quality and that’s a reallygood price for like good quality leggingso I thought I would just try them outand this is the first pair this onedoesn’t have pockets I usually like myleggings to have pockets just because Inormally don’t carry your purse aroundso it’s nice to put my phone in it butthese ones do not have pockets it haslike a little coin thing right here butit doesn’t have pockets on the sides butthis is what they look like I reallylike this paint color and they’re supertight I got a size large just because mylegs are like super long I’ve never hadany pink leggings so I wanted to getsome because I think they’re really funand fun clothes always makes it more funto work out so this is the next pairit’s almost the exact same color but alittle bit different and this one doeshave a pocket on the side and then it’skind of mesh down the leg but I reallylike that this one has a pocket and Ithink this one’s also like a Caprilength like it’s not the full lengthwhich can be nice especially when I’mwearing like uggs or something so yeah Ireally Oh has a pocket on the other sidetoo I didn’t know that so that’s coolthat has two pockets so yeah this iswhat it looks like I think I like thefirst pair better I don’t know I can’tdecide but um yeah this is what it lookslike I’m excited to try them out and usethem while I’m working out do you likethem you’re sniffing them oh hi you justwant some love yeah okay so now I’m downin the kitchen because I need to justwipe down all the countertops do thedishes just make sure it’s all clean Ijust want everything to be nice andclean for tomorrow I don’t know why Ijust want to just relax tomorrow andI’ll have to worry about cleaning honeyis over there playing with a toyand yeah I think I’m just going to puton some YouTube videos and just get thiskitchen alright[Music]so the kitchen is mostly done I justfinished wiping down all of thecountertops and then I have a ton ofrecycling over here that I need to takeit down and then I just picked up thetable and then I need to pick up allPenny’s toys because they’re likeeverywhere all over but I wanted to showyou guys what I’m gonna be making fordinner tonight because it’s a recipethat I found on Pinterest and we havebeen loving it we’ve made it like once aweek now and it’s super super easy soI’m gonna show it to you guys it’s likea herb and garlic like chicken breastmarinade things I basically justmarinate the chicken in this and thenJacob grills it on our grill and it isso good so I will definitely show youguys the recipe Liam make sure I haveall the spices so this is everything youneed so I have coriander paprika garlicpowder parsley some salt back thereolive oil and balsamic vinegar and thenyou obviously need the chicken breastsas well and then also some pepper if youwant pepper too so here’s the recipe ifyou want to do a screenshot of it reallyquick so first you open up your edges acloth bag and then you’re just going toput it somewhere that’s easy to pourinto I just put it on the counter andthen I start with the liquid productsjust cuz I feel like they’re the hardestto get into the bag 1/2 cup of olive oiland 1/4 cup of vinegar perfect that waslike exactly the perfect amount and thensee if I can do thisthen you’re gonna pour it into yourziplock and then pour that in yourZiplocand that’s all the liquids that you needthe rest is just spices so I’m sure ifyou didn’t have one of these spices itwould be just as good but obviously allof them combined is just amazing so ifyou have all of them I would definitelyrecommend doing the whole recipe so thefirst one is 2 teaspoons of salt 1/2 therecipe also calls for 2 teaspoon mincedonion but I’m just not a big onionperson so I just opt out for that um butI feel like it tastes really goodwithout it so next is 2 teaspoons ofroasted garlic I have my roasted garlichere we’re going to do 2 teaspoons so1/2 1/2 teaspoon coriander and then 1/2teaspoon of parsley and then 1/2teaspoon of paprika and then lastly 1/2teaspoon of black pepper so here is themixture all together and then I mix itup a little bit but once you put thechicken in here it makes me up a lotbetter so so yeah this is basically whatit should look likeso next I’m just going to clean thechicken breasts and I get the free-rangethin sliced breast fillets this is whatthey look like I just got them fromRalph’s at our local grocery store and Ilike the thin ones because I feel likethe thin breasts soak in the marinade alot better than super thick breasts soand they cook a lot faster so these arethe ones I get I’m gonna clean them andthen I’m gonna put them in the ziplockbag with the mixture that we just made[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]here is all beat chicken inside and I’mjust going to zip this all the way upand then I just basically mush it allaround make sure all the chicken breastsare coated in it and then I stick it inthe fridge and then Jacob will pull itout 30 minutes before he starts cookingit you can do this the day before andthen keep it in the fridge and thenthey’ll just soak longer but it’s asuper super easy recipe especially forthe days you’re just palm and Quarantineso it’s a little bit later now and weare just starting to make dinner we dida little craft I’ll show it to you guysif it ends up turning out okay but it’sgoing to be a couple days process soit’ll probably be in the next vlog orthe vlog after that but I’m reallyexcited it’s gonna be super cute butlike I said right now we’re makingdinner I have some broccoli ready to goin the oven once it preheats jacob isout there grilling the chicken and theni also just set up a little easter setupfor us for tomorrow morning i was justbored and had nothing to do so I figuredI would just set this up have it readyfor tomorrow it’s only gonna be the twoof us but I thought it looked betterwith the four placemats and then my auntKristin and cousin Katie dropped thiscute little bunny envelope with somecandy in it so that was really nice ofthem to do that but that’s pretty muchthe update we haven’t done reallyanything else I uploaded a vlog jacobdid some more work stuff I’ve beencleaning our bedsheets because lastnight honey had a little accident on oursheets and there’s the oven for thebroccoli so I will put that in and justkeep making dinner so I meant to showyou guys so the chicken looks like afterbut I already started eating jacobalready ate half of his so but this iswhat the chicken looks like afterjacob’s an expert griller it looks sogood we’ve got our broccoli have somestrawberries but seriously guys thischicken recipe is so so easy especiallywhen you have an expert griller know sowe’re just gonna watch some NCIS andfinish up our dinner[Music]


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