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Easy yogurt marinated chicken skewers. Charcoal grilled chicken skewers

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Video Transcription

it’s on there push it your time achannel alright so for this marinadefresh parsley fresh dill fresh fennelfresh cilantro tomato paste fresh garlicwhoo the mouthful fresh ginger salt andpepper smoked paprika tumeric for thatnice rich color pepper flakes for thatbite and yogurt all right so what mixall these ingredients into a marinadethat we’re gonna marinate our chickenskin was in alright alright guys so Ihave about a pound of chicken breasts sofor this one I’m going to do two heapingtablespoons of yogurt not too hot I justwant it well you can adjust thisaccording to your your taste and yourheat tolerance I just wanna so just apinch of pepper flakes the tumeric isjust gonna give us a nice yellow colorespecially if it’s the grill I do abouthalf a teaspoon adjust this to yourliking that should be about right precurl that give me that smokiness this iswhat a golden grill say anything abouthalf a teaspoonyou’re liking performing some salt andsome ground pepper all right so myfennel parsley cilantro and eel allchopped up is this a bust of freshnessthat comes out through fresh ingredientsguys walk with fresh ingredients there’ssomething different with it well if youwant to use dried go right ahead but Igot a little garden I got my harp gardengoing in the back one day I’ll show itto youthis is what get my stuff all right somy hubs are in that mixture now for myginger go and chop it off peel it thisis about a teaspoon I usually would chopthis but I’m gonna use our garlic pressbecause I want this nicely missed thisgives you see that it is breaking downis it nice juices totally in there gothe garlic also same thing it’s kind ofpeels up there it’s finegarlic what it is a garlic press sothere we gonice that is minced belly all right forthe paste I do just want this one kindof heaping that’s goodgood thing about the pace is it gives itan acidity that’s gonna need that’sgonna break the freshness of the hopsthat I put in there that acidity when ithits the grill oh my goodness this is agood marinade this is all freshingredients apart on the spices it’s allfresh apart from the paprika turmericsalt I guess peppery’all get whatever fresh oh so onceall the ingredients on your poor onemakes this kitchen stock in there justmix this up we’re gonna cook the chickenthison plastic mixture and we’re gonnamarinate it cause as long as 24 hours ifyou want to neglect a time I am gonna doit for two hours that’s supposed to besufficient because this is gonna sit onthat once it hits the grill all right soI’m gonna mix this up come back I’llshow you how it looks all right got amix then hit it with a little bit aboutit tablespoon of olive oil bind this allup together we’re almost done then gofind it out makes it a little bit lemonyI’m an bit worriedI said lemony because if you want somecitrus on this this is a good time tothrow in some fresh lemon juice squeezeit right in there seasonal doesn’tmatter keep that on there hi my marinadeis ready gonna be like a paste I’m gonnachop up the chicken put it in there andmix it all upfolks all right folks let’s work on thechickenconventional wisdom will tell you to cutthis in cubes for skiers I beg you don’tdo that all righthere’s why I want to cut them long sideslike that let me flip this around I cansee well cut them like that okay myskewer is gonna go through that and I’llshow you why strips cut The Misfits itcooks faster gives you a longer biggersurface for the marinade to sink in allright so cut them in little strips I’llshow you all right I will change yourmind or how you do skewers all rightlike this one like that all rightlike that I like that now if that’s toolong go now that’s too long kind of butas opposed to cubes you want this longthe skills I’m gonna use dictate thatahead all rightjust hi folksso I’ve chopped up this is Dan and justto show you my pad this is a little bitlong that’s fine it’s about an inchthat’s about an inch instead of cubesI’m doing it like long sides justbecause I want to skew it in out thatway when you flip it on the grill itdoes not if you’ve made skewers beforeyou know what happens but I’ll show youhow to stop that happening all rightthis goes into the marinade stay with meall right into the magnetical mix thisup make sure they’re nicely coated youcan get there with your handsthis is no reason why I cut it small isam using fresh ingredients I don’t wantthem to burn so I cut them small it’sgonna cook faster I’ll give the hearttime to develop flavors without Barneyokayso a chicken is ready to go let it sityou can marinate this like I said up to24 hours or at least two hours like I’mgonna do but we’re gonna cook it as itis it’s gonna come out here go onschemas I’m gonna cook it like that soalright folks this has been marinatingfor four hours like I said you can do it24 hours I wouldn’t go more than 24hours for the skewers if you’re usingyour regular bamboo wooden skewers soakthese guys at least 2 hours in waterso that they don’t bond when you’recooking i find the metal skewers to bevery economical use them reuse themwhatever I like my metal skewers cause Ido this a lot what’s up my chicken isready to be skeweredI’ll get my house ready hi folks no easygonna do this get your hands in thereyour hands dirty now remember how I didthe long it spear sit pierce it that wayI kind of gives you a flat surface thatyou don’t walk with so get another longone PS either that very end PS it twicethis makes it easier to can meet of theschemas as you’re cooking it PS italrightbecause many of you can make sure youdon’t bunch them up too much becausethen they’re not gonna cook so it wouldloosen that up loosen that up close itup that is good stuff that I set it uplittle i-car let’s walk on this I’m abad boy here in this excuse so just toshow you my little garden I got freshfennel fresh cilantro growing so what Ineed fresh herbs I just go out and getthem sit down – fennel parsley and dillso yeah I’ve got an abundance of freshingredients when I need them and that’sI will get my freshness all right so mycharcoal for the skill was nice and redhot now get yourself a cloth you wannaoil and just kind of oil the grate cuzyou don’t want this sticky all rightjust all the greats make sure they’renice and clean I’m hot that’s your trickdo your ski was not sticking all rightthat looks good to meso people go ahead of course hot zonesafe zone ski was ready go it’ll dry onthe base them asidebut that’s gonna take about threeminutes one side it’s a medium heatyeah all right folks today minutes let’ssee what we’re working withoh yeah oh that is a gentleman this skiwas a looking beautiful there we goI think these are ready to go if younotice I put in a little bit of somepages to balance my diet I’ve got somemushrooms onions grilling and I’m gonnause this as my veggie but I know Josephhe was all ready to go well thank youfor spending time with me I hope thiswas worth it I think it is if you lookat what is in front of you this is wateroh my goodness well skewers the marinademy way she looks

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