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Ep. 69 Spicy Apricot Grilled Chicken Wings

It’s Grilling Time! Easy Spicy Apricot wings are tangy, sweet, and spicy- like you like ’em! Super easy for summer fun grilling. It is Debrianna’s riff on a fabulous Food and Wine recipe.

oh! and Debrianna is so proud to have made this PSA with Rocky Mountain Mike and many of my #sexyliberal friends from the Stephanie Miller Show! Check it out here:

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Video Transcription

americais in crisis i’m making chicken wingsoh my god briannai know don’t you just want to hideit’s a it’s a badday for it’s a sad day in americachicken wings always make you feelbetterwell we’re gonna find out girl becauseholy crapand we had kind of a fun day talking toour new guesti know there was some reprievewe’re having absolutely last we’re gonnahave a cool guest on monday but thenit’s just so hard to watchthe just downward spiralon so many levels yeahit’s this is a true crisisand we are on the brink andeverybody around the world sees it it’snot just in our local neighborhoodthat’s i’ve been hearing from friendsfrom all over the worldand it is it is glaringly obvious thatthis isa crisis in our country and we have alunaticat the helmoh my god i know so i’m ii decided to make chicken wings becausei need to feel better and that’s one ofmy comfort foodsi don’t know why sometimesfood is all you gotso far we’ve tapped into thatand we’re really grateful all of you outthere are still with usand we’re in this together so let’s justyou knowwe gotta support each other i know it’shard for so many people right nowum we’re just gonna do our besttake it one day at a time yep soi am going to make the marinadeyou will not see me cook the chickenwings because they’re going to go on thegrill and they’ll be there for like 25minutes or 30 minutes or somethingso you take a picture bought all thosepicturesand you remember that that umkebab marinade yesi have used it on sliced carrots whichare goingon the grill also wowso that should be deliciousthat’s my great hope if we can’t havepeace we shall have deliciousnesswow somebody just wroteyou’re doing a fine job tapping here’sfrom south carolina where apparently thevirus is overoh awesome peggyhow nice the virus is overand i’m sure many expertsin the scientific field have declaredthatyeah i forgot about the pandemic forlike the last five daysand it’s kind of like ohoh i want to show you this debris on itso we have this weird penit’s like an eight ball yeah and youpress it and it has the differentanswers to your questionsi love that so every night the kids arelikewill donald trump get reelectedand they’ll say dude no way ohit is unclear ask againso if you need an oracle i’ve got thepen got the oracle penokay i’m i’m down with that sister girland we’re just gonna say this nowi was on a zoom call ourmeeting that got hacked by a porno freakrecently lisa has gotten hacked on herphoneso if we get hacked in this showi will be cutting us off immediately cutthe cord you’ll know why that’s rightsomebody’s thinking science i said thisoutwhoever it is i was being completelyfacetious jokesjokes are jokes are necessaryjokes not yolks i know this penis cool i got it at um cost plus worldmarket it was a stocking stuffer fromone of my kids fashionpresents i like it um it’s awesomeyou can just click it click itconstantly and ask questionsi know then you get addicted to it clickclickjust sitting on our dining room tableand we just like this saysno brainerthat’s awesome anywayso i already made my apricot jamof course you did you had timeto make an incredible homemade jam foryour wingi did you do not have to do that you canuseapricot jam or marmalade or somethingbuti like using fresh or apricots wellmine were of course yes they were in thefreezer peggy they were in the freezerfrom last yeari use them to make my jam but i alsolike it because i can control what’s init i know it’s onlyhow much sugar and nothing else sothat’s all that’s in here i mean it’snot hard to make homemade jam how longdid that take you to make todayyes it’s a uh 20 minutesokay worth it for your spicy wingworth it for my spicy wings it’s worthityou need it you need it youabsolutely should try it it’s super easythere are somesome things that you can do that withthat are you know there’s nothing to addjust water sugar apricots doneso yeahthat’s going to be delicious yes i’mvery happy i’m putting in about a half acupthe other half gets to go on my toast inthe morningyum yeah and okay so i have my chickenwingsyou do not have to do this but i alreadydidum i have a coffeeand ground coffee and um brown sugar andred pepper flakes and kosher salt andgarlic powder on these they’ve been justsowow you can or you may notit’s up to you so coffee grounds huhlike coffee grounds groundcoffee beansyeah okay well i i have been doing it inmy barbecue sauce for some time usingcoffeeand then at trader joe’s they also havea coffee umuh shake thing uh that’s called a cowboycowboy something or other and it’s likeuma dry rub so you can get it from traderjoe’stoo if you don’t want to you know i havea grinder i can do itokay so some people are talking to youokayit’s nancy denise’s bff oh hi nancyand then someone says can you makedecisions without itmeaning my oracle pen umyes i can i can watch for that she canum and then someone says maybe have ajam and apricot somethingoh absolutely we’re going to do a jammakinga show 100 we will do thati am going to do that i have some crazycrazy stuffup my sleeve let me hear for y’allwith your sleeve all right so i put in aclove of garlicyum and i’m gonna do about a teaspoon offresh ginger because who doesn’t likegingerand apricots together that’s gonna be sogood i think people think automaticallythink at least i dowing barbecue sauce okaybut really what you’re doing is you’remakinganother note of tanginess with thedifferentyou know instead of tomato with apricotanother thingright right that’s true you arelearning stuff i’m learning stuff oncorona kitchenthat’s awesome i am going to use somesmoked paprikaoh yeah because i love it where’s mineoh the pot pie by the way wasmagnificentthat looks so beautiful it was so goodand then we had it for lunch today andit was evenbetter the next day nicelook at that that’s a photo right thereisn’t that prettycolors yeah i’m going to put inthat i didn’t even know the themarketing post today for the showof the sunset would match your iit appears that i am on an orange themei wonder why i don’t know why i’m beinginfected with orangei have a tablespoon of mustard dijonmustard going inso tonight there won’t be a storm so youcan go to the grillyeah i think so that’s okaywell we’ll see it’s looking prettyominous out therewe’re getting like an early monsoon orsomething it’s strange it rumbles andthen there’s no rainall right so this is something that youmight not have and you don’t have tohavebut i found it at the store and i likeit what thisis whiskey smoked brown sugarwhere did you get that no i don’t knowit might have been some place like umtuesday morning or something okay thatsounds so perfect for the wingsi’m telling you i i cruise those umlike at t.j.maxx andum and at uhany place that has like weird food stuffto youkey items the weird yeahi was just saying today i miss beingable to do thatdon’t you miss that yes ma’am i do and ireally misscost plus i love don’t look at thisdavid whatdon’t look at this uh ohyou’re putting the good stuff in there iam i just cause if there wasn’t enoughflavor i’m adding david’s bourbonokay that’s the yummy bourbon rightthere yes it iswith maple in it oh he bought adifferent one with mapleoh monty all right so i’m gonna add justa teaspoonof um this chipotle powderyum oh chipotle yeah because we loveour chipotle oh my god that just lookslike a glorious photo right there ofspicesisn’t that pretty yeahi should take it should i take a pictureof it i kind of think you shouldall right uh-oh someone says i don’t seeany lemoni wanna be peggy what do you think thatistaking a picture i’m doing it with yourphone sorry definitely take a photothat’s like a beautifulrainbow yeah you’re right that’s prettyi took it yay all right go back tofacebook somehow oopsokay i’m lost i’m lostall right how many wings is that goingto coverum it’s about two poundsokay i think that that’s about what’s intherenow if i had uh you know wood chips orsomething like thatlike hickory or something i would iwould have soaked those and put themon the grill because we have a gas grilloh nicebut i don’tbut hickory chips oh god it’s a greatflavorit’s delicious soi’m not going to do this flavorin that um i have the smoke flavor inthisum brown sugar when you when i open thebrown sugar the smellthe smoke flavor oh my god the whiskeysmoke that just sounds so good ohbuilt-in says hi hi milton meltonokay this is what’s called likebuilding the flavors so now i’m going toadd a little smoked saltoh wow just there is somethinginvolved in barbecue marinadeand like moles and i i would really loveto do moleon the show but we need three days andthree peoplewell maybe we could do part four partserieson mole that we could doyeah do it like four nights in a rowokay oh my gosh that’s perfectnow i’m going to take my beautifulchicken wings[Music]and put them in in this so you just putthem in the bowlyep and i’m just going to roll themaround in there and i’ll probably letthem sit in here for a little whilebefore i put them on the grillyummy andthen i will take a picture now they’regoing to go on the grill onlike a medium high heat okayprobably around 25minutes or so on one side or both sidespro i’ll flip them about halfway throughum but they don’t usually take more thanthat it just depends on how fat yourwings are and the temperature of thegrilland do you take the temperature of themeatum i usually do chicken’s like 165.okay if you don’t you know if you’re notif you don’t trust yourselfyou know and inever take advertisinglook i’m very orange you matchy matchyright nowso um and and i think the carrots aregoing to take about that same amount oftime so i’m going to put those on thegrill around the same timethat’s going to be so good well he likesto do the grilled partand that’s the other you put the carrotsin the other sauce from the other nightyeah because this and this sauce um asas it’sbeen sitting is spicy and hascumin in it it really the flavors in alittle ginger and so it kind of goesalong withnot only the beautiful orange themelook at that wow but it also has youknow the same kind of flavor profileso milton says i smoke sea saltwith whiskey and cherry wood if you guyswant somei will get some to you oh my goshyeah well yesthank you thank you funi will have fun with that for sure someribsthose lips milton oh my godoh that was gorgeousgorgeous and the photos this weekweren’t theyfabulous yes yeah we had a good a goodrun of photoshe says okay done thank youhey we we’re spreading a little peaceand joy tonightwe just went from here here’s thespectrum of our emotions from thebeginning of the show from here now i’mfeeling heremuch better and i think you know what ihave to say thank youthank you so much for doing this with meandeverybody out there doing this with usbecause it hasit has been a bright spot of my dayevery day that we do thisi appreciate you debriana and i thankyou alsoyeah thanks this is beneficial i thinkfori think not just you and i but otherpeople too andit feels good to be able to do somethingumpositive when there’s so muchto feel bad about right now and it’s thecollective you know we have to reallyuh communicate and sharethese thoughts you know we’re not just acooking showthis is like this is a coping showand this is how this helps me copethis is cashew in case you guys don’tknow look at that beautiful catwow he is the biggest love bugoh he spoons me at night he just has tocuddleright in he’s the cutest guy we’re solucky we have cuddly pets i have mycome here monty comeoh yes you did the groomers were openyou know a week ago and um i took himinto his favoritegroomer georgia and i’m like can yougroom my hairi know i helped david with his hairtoday and that’s just a buzz sawall right oh let’s see it ohdavid show them your hairline well it’sthe bat that you did right yeahbarry jason stay home yes and i willtell you wednesdayis our anniversary so we’ll go a littleearlier that dayum yeah so yeahwe’re gonna we’re gonna try and dosomething we don’t know what buti hope you can do something fun um yeahwe went on a hike to aspen vistayesterday and um it really isa wonderful umwhat is it just escape into natureand changes your whole perspectiveit’s meditative and it’s so green rightnow and you can just do the beautifulwalk there was nobody on itoh that’s really nice it’s niceyeah we’ll have to figure something outwell i’m glad that we’re makingsomebody’s day whoever said that that’sreally sweet awwell that’s what we’re trying that’swhat we set out to do that’s what we tryto doevery day for all every day this isepisode68. hiand the pen saysno-brainer no-brainer 68-daywell thanks you guys i will postpictures in the recipeand um and enjoy our dinnersand i hope you guys enjoy whatever it isyou’re doing tonight andeating yum have a beautiful night andlove each other please

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