BBQ Chicken Recipes

Grilled Chicken Breast in a pan

Its more convenient to grill on your non stick pan or using your electric grill than the old fashion way.. we grill on charcoal. Nowadays, few on only selling charcoal because price is way too high due to shortage of supply. So, pan grilling is the most convenient and easy way to do some grilled dishes.

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Video Transcription

my friends I’m going to teach you or I’mgonna share with you how I do my pangrilling for chicken or for any meatthat you want to flip on for you thistime I’m using chicken breaststhe first thing I’m gonna do istenderizer you saw tenderizer do it justjust do it[Music]at first this was washing probably nevershop with the burn[Music]this one is served coldirony Cheney do itoh really / Parapan grilling because youdo need to worry less charcoal anythinglike that you don’t have a smoke okay soafter 15 minutes and in 15 minutes itcan drill down so that is set aside fora bot at least 15 minutes then evolveand grow[Music]so it’s ready now or pan girlie so youget please use your nuts come on makesure it’s monsteryou cannot go girl on the nextand[Music]HD consoleslittle oilthis problem in America by charge theelectric and grilling[Music][Music]for the tweet for about cousin are wegonna check on them all rightactually after two minutes or a chicken[Music]on your slope because you don’t want itto get burned once you flip it the readyit’s okay enough with culture[Music][Music][Music]when you’re done with it you don’tactually viscosity pants because themodern name that we put together the bedit actually gives flavor[Music]just make sure that you’ve got thembeneath block them and make your feetkeep them either[Music]if this is best also is pork belly -just any slides tingling in thesupermarket[Music]yeah me now[Music][Music][Music]generation returned campusit’s done it’s very convenient[Music][Music]No[Music][Music]wherebut of course with the management[Music]the saucesoOh[Music]here’s your trill chicken breath it’s sofunso this is our grilled chicken breast sowe made earlier yes this is our peanutbit it’s so creamy that one is over weuse money for rice and this is ourhomemade by Rene it’s for sale we have500 ml and one[Music]you get a try they see don’t need asauce anymore to be paying for yourchickens at chicken breast that isn’treal[Music]

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