BBQ Chicken Recipes

Grilled Chicken| Easy & Simple| ग्रिल्ड चिकन| கிரில் சிக்கன்| No Oil required| Juicy & Tasty

Hi Everyone!!!! Today sharing the easy way of making Grilled Chicken in Oven/Grill…
This recipe of Grilled Chicken is so easy that everybody can cook it in a jiffy….
All you need are few basic ingredients and then we are good to feast…
Grilled Chicken is a healthier way of eating Chicken as we are not using any deep fry here….
One can grill some veggies alongside, to make it a wholesome meal…
You can grill with the chicken with the skin on or off according to your choice…
Chicken skin has too got good fat so I usually cook Chicken with the skin…
But if you prefer a lean meal, then grilling chicken without its skin also gives the same Yummy taste….
I have not used any oil while grilling the chicken since marinating chicken overnight helps it to become soft & juicy. But if you are in a rush, then you can brush the chicken with some Olive oil before grilling and also while flipping the sides of chicken in between the grilling time…
Do try out this recipe and comment on how it turned out.👍
Do share good food with others and remember that “Cooking with Love is a Good-deed”.😊

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